Hi I’m Kate! I teach sensitive, spiritual, and intuitive people hardcore career and personal strategic solutions that work with their holistic perspective.

Are you a sensitive or intuitive individual? Do you experience things differently or pick up more around you and from others? Do you need a different way to handle things and navigate through life because when you try to do it like everyone else,  you find yourself overwhelmed or burnt out?

Or perhaps your intuition has served you well, but you find yourself still holding yourself back? You feel like you can do more, be more, but are struggling with making it happen.

Just because you are sensitive, intuitive, or see things from a holistic perspective, doesn't mean that you don't want a super practical, applicable, tested, strategic approach that delivers real, powerful solutions. Sensitive doesn't have to mean woowoo or flaky, but dialed-in, attuned, and comprehensive in your perspective. 

Kate specializes in intuition and serving creative, visionary, intuitive, amazing women who want to take it to another level. If you are looking for career/business or life coaching from a dynamic, no bullshit, strategic yet intuitive, comprehensive perspective, Kate will be a good fit for you!

After looking around, want a session? Start with an Intuitive Reading.

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