The Importance of Heroes

It sounds like a good idea. Have a hero, someone you can look up to. But can you think of your top 5 heroes right now? Or did you just draw a blank, had to think about it. It sounds like a good idea but something not all of us actually do, like eating 10 vegetables a day or meditating regularly. It goes on the "should" list. But why? I don't think it's because we are lazy or stupid or don't want to look up to anyone. I think there are two reasons. One simple, and one that's deep and juicy.

We don't have heroes because although it sounds really good in theory, no one is really clear on what the benefits are enough that it is worth the effort to figure out who your heroes are. So let's clear that up right away. The benefits of knowing who your heroes are:

  • having a north star emblem to remind you of what you want, who you are, and what your values are when you are lost
  • having someone whose story inspires you when you run out of steam or courage
  • having someone whose way of handling life's challenges is a constant teacher who you can turn to for ideas of how to handle your problems
  • if you're lucky your hero also has quotes, interviews with them, or things they have written that you can always refer back to, like a textbook for your continued growth, for a flashlight into your blind spots
  • and if that so far doesn't convince you, know that most successful people have studied or study other successful, inspiring people to help them grow and so this is a proven method of success

When I say success, I never mean just making buckets of money. If you can make buckets of money ethically then that is a definite success. If however, you are not making tons of money, that doesn't necessarily mean your hero isn't successful either. No one ever talks about the net worth of Martin Luther King or Nikola Tesla. They are remembered for their courage, dignity, or genius, but not what car they owned or what other flashy crap they had. Even George Soros is noteworthy among billionaires  because the money he donates goes to socially progressive causes.

Which brings us to our next question. What makes a hero?

  •  someone who is a shining example of a certain pro-social attribute
  •  someone who takes on a just cause, even at the expense of their own individual interests
  •  someone who advocates something for the greater good
  • someone who takes their privilege or good fortune and uses it for the greater good
  • someone who steps outside of their the realm of the selfish and is connected to a larger picture, larger values, a larger group, and a larger sense of what being a human spirit can be
  • the opposite of a douchebag

This brings us to the next reason people don't invest the time and effort to figure out who their heroes are. Deep down I think it stirs up a lot of crap. If we focus a lot on our heroes we can't help but feeling how un-heroic we are. Did I contribute to the greater good yesterday? Or watch Netflix while eating Cheetos? (hand raise anyone?) Heroes often seem like incredibly bright burning lights that we imagine never do anything mundane because they are so busy being fabulous. While I imagine they use their time more productively than most of us, I do believe they have their own version of down time. What distinguishes them is not that they are not mundane and human like the rest of us, but the choices they make, the values they have, and the risks they take. And this is where it gets juicy. You are more likely to take risks, and make more rewarding choices if you are conscious of what values drive you. Can you answer right now, what values drive you? No? Don't worry. Most people do not wake up each morning thinking "Today I will champion the value of _________". Lol! But we can hold our values more consciously which will lead to better choices and meaningful risks, which will lead to a greater commitment to your values, and you begin to spiral up, to mojo up. And that is how people can start the same and one person can end up a hero and the other is still stuck on the couch eating Cheetos. So what are your values? Download the handy Action Sheet for this article below to help you figure out your values. 

Look back at what has riled you up and when it wasn't personal, it wasn't your ego, it had nothing to do with you. It could have been on the news, or happening to a stranger. This will also tell you your values. And you might be thinking, so what Kate? The benefit of knowing your values is that that knowledge will help you shape your mission, your governing principles, and your purpose in this life. I get asked all the time, "What's my destiny? What's my purpose? What's my unique talent or gift in this world?" Figure out what your values are and it will lead you to your heroes, teachers, and guides big and small, which in turn will lead to your path, your focus, and your destiny! That's some payoff for doing a bit of consciousness-work. So start digging, and figure out who your real life heroes are big and small.

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Until next time, mojo up!

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