Our motto can be "You dream and hustle, Kate handles the problems."

I propose the following. Monthly meetings with focus, old homework reviewed, new topic workshopped, new homework. Below is blueprint of the overall process:


Session 1: Vision Building & Limit Breaking


Session 2: Making it Comfortable by Setting Parameters & Mapping


Session 3: Branding, Website, & Manifesting Your Ideal Customer


Session 4: Content & Messaging Made Easy


Session 5: List Building, Social Media Blueprint Demystified


Session 6: The Pitch Script- Selling to the List, Sweet Talking Distributors, and Matchmaking Spaces with You


Session 7: The Event: profitability, setting up future success


Session 8: Building Momentum, Establishing a Profitable Routine


As you can see this a business crash course customized to you. I have been looking at B-Schools all over the place and they cover a lot but they are not customized and they charge about $2000 so you cover some stuff more than you need to for your particular business and some stuff not enough for your particular business, and when you are stuck, there is no one to workshop it through with you. Lastly, it a course with a million people so you go at their pace and not yours.


I have no intention of charging you that. But since I will be having to prepare for every session, just like this email took me more time, thought, skills, and research than a regular booking email, I was thinking $200/session. The good news is that if you pay me hst, you can claim the sessions as a business expense. Also, after a while, everyone else will be paying more than you (like double), so you are getting me in transition mode. 


We can speed up or slow down however you want, spend extra time on stuff that you're stuck on or accelerate and save your session fees and get you there faster. We'll cover the business stuff, but also all the psychological stuff that comes up with that and would hold you back. The goal will be to get your career poppin' but also that the process is fun for you.


You will walk away from every session with an audio recording of the session, notes, a specific action plan, and pictures of what we workshopped to keep you on track between sessions.