Find Your Path


Do you work for someone else?

  • Are you stalled in your career? Waiting on that promotion?

  • Are you having the same problem at work over and over again and can't figure out how to break the cycle?

  • Do you have a power dynamic at work you need help navigating?

  • Are you dreaming of something more meaningful but afraid to take the risks? Don't know where to start?

  • Deciding between public vs. private sector? Which is the best fit for your work style?

  • Need to exit your current work situation and want the best possible outcome?

  • Want to leave your job and start your own business? But not sure what to do or how to do it?

If you are feeling stuck or not sure how to make your next move or what move to make in your career or business, Kate’s career and business counseling will help you gain the insight to address relationship issues, identify business opportunities, resolve energetic barriers and create a strategy to move forward. Her counseling is ideal for someone who wants a change and is prepared to put in the work to make it happen.
— Stephanie F.- Human Resources Leader

Kate has coached successfully in the following fields:

  • law careers and firm ownership

  • retail store ownership

  • graphic design sole proprietorship

  • writing and film careers

  • government careers

  • human resources field

  • corporate ownership, CEO, and VP positions

  • garment manufacturing

  • mediation, union negotiation, and HR

  • academic career and tenureship

  • technology sector

  • project management

  • starting or growing a healing practice

  • choosing first careers

  • business start-ups, consultancies

  • second careers, sabbaticals, and career transition

  • return to work after long break

What makes it Intuitive Career Consultancy instead of just usual career counselling or coaching?

Your career must be an expression of who you are in order to be happy, successful, and sustainable. Do you know your work style? Do you know what your essence is as a person? What are your unique gifts and personal weaknesses? What is your blazing passion or mission? What do you find meaningful and can work at for hours effortlessly? What do you find mind numbing, tedious, odious? What is "your bliss"?

Your career is 50% about what you do, the nature of your work, your skills, training, and experience, and 50% about your desires, dreams, fears, psychology, and blindspots. This is where Kate's years of personal counselling and trained intuition set this apart from the usual career coaching. She can help you see into the blindspots, foresee obstacles, give expression to your unspoken dreams, mirror your true nature and gifts, which all sounds pretty woowoo, but it is difference between good advice that misses the mark and good advice that is perfectly tuned into you and delivers in spades.

All sessions are over the phone or video chat.