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Times: Wednesday nights 6-9pm (see above for exact dates)
Live + Online Program Price: Each module costs $159+hst x 9 modules=$1431+hst
Early Bird Price: Or save $216 when you sign up for the early bird price of $1215+hst by July 31st 2015, so you basically get one free and have money left over for a nice dinner out! Regular Price: 
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Prerequisite: any intro classintuitive reading/interview with ICL1 facilitator Kate Opashinov
Registration: 1) Email us to let us know you are signing up and when we send you a confirmation that there is still space left and you meet the prerequisites, 2) if we confirm via email that there is space left and you met the prerequisites then simply send a cheque for the price above with hst to Kate Opashinov, Intuitive Centre, 796 Eglinton Ave. East, Toronto, ON, M4G 2L1. Be sure to include your email so we can send you registration confirmation and welcome information.
Location: Intuitive Centre Learning Studio
Facilitation: IC Founder Kate Opashinov
Registration & Refund Policy:  Click here for detailed, complete refund policy


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Level 1 Online Class Registration...

Interested in Level 1 Online Program?

Prerequisite: module 1, after that take any one or all of modules 2-9
Per Module Price: The total program price is $715.50 but add your name to the list (form to the right) and we will notify you when our launch phase special pricing comes out! Be one of the first and save a good chunk of change!  
Location: wherever you have internet access!
Community Study Group Facilitation: Intuition for Life Program creator & facilitator Kate Opashinov
Registration & Refund Policy:  Click here for detailed, complete refund policy 

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Interested in Levels 2, 3, and 4?

Take Level 1 first or they won't be as helpful as they could be. So check out the live class- the last time it's being taught live fall term 2015- or check out the online classes available soon!