This is a list of stuff I love and use in class and in my learning studio. I am very proud that everything I sell is of excellent quality at very low prices* with a super reasonable return/exchange policy, so you can purchase with confidence that you are getting something great at a great price.

Simply email me what supplies you would like to purchase and arrange to pick it up at my learning studio Intuitive Centre.

Liquid Smudge

I get asked about this the most. The liquid smudge I use is called "Invocation" and is the best I have found on the market. It is made in Quebec, Canada. I liked it so much I contacted the company to buy in bulk (because I use so much) and they asked if I wouldn't mind being the Toronto distributor, so for a while I was the only person who sold it in Toronto which is weird because it smells super yummy, is very effective for moving old energies out, and because it is liquid, it is discreet and can be used in many areas that smoke-smudge could not be used like offices, workplaces, yoga studios, bedrooms, children's playrooms, hotels, conference rooms. Not just for cleaning, it also helps set the intention before a class, a meeting, a presentation, etc. It is good for the sleepless or children with nightmares. It is perfect for traveling, when sleeping in a new environment can be difficult because of all the others' energies left in the room. It is perfect for wherever there is a lot of traffic or where the boundaries are not clear like setting your own space in a cubicle at work so people have an unconscious sense to back off of your space. It is also used for invoking a blessing into a new home, new renovation, new workspace, a new business venture, or even a new life!

Invocation is made by an indigenous medicine man named Luc Bourgault in the forests of Quebec from natural ingredients. It takes months to create one batch in a labour-intensive process that involves not only the physical creation but a traditional indigenous invocation to bless the smudge itself. He told me that after years of training in indigenous spirituality in the ways of his people, he then trained with a traditional French perfumer to learn how to layer the smell-elements in the creation of the smudge. I personally think that is why this has the most complex and sophisticated smell from all the liquid smudges out there. There are many liquid smudges on the market but I have found the authenticity and the blending of the many herbs, plants, and trees in this one to be not only very effective at moving energy, but also the most pleasant smelling. I spray it on sometimes like tree perfume! When choosing sizes, think of how, where and for what you would like to use it to determine how much you will need and how quickly you will use it up. Often only one spritz will do the job, but if you use it often consider the better value larger sizes. If less often try a smaller size to start. It has a long, long shelf life so no worries- you will use it up long before it fades!

It comes in five sizes/msrp prices for ordering. Because this product is based on essential oils which are a natural crop, the manufacturer's prices go up and down a lot. Some are more, some (like the professional size and the value refill) have gone down a lot and represent the best value. All prices are plus hst:

  • Travel size 15ml- $22.99
  • Personal size 29 ml- $39.99
  • Value (refill) size 100ml- $92.99
  • Professional size 120ml- $119.99

And finally bath salts! For when spraying yourself isn't enough to get the blech! off of you after a long day or yucky experience. Soak in liquid smudge bath salts and let the energy literally melt off of you. Fantastic! I tried it after a particularly vexing day and it worked like a charm! I ordered more. Soak, rinse, repeat! 



All prices are plus hst:

  • Sample size 115g- $9.99
  • Gift Jar 450g- $21.99
  • Soaker Value 1kg- $39.99


Email for the next order placement.

Pick one up in class or during a session with me. (Please bring exact change.) Any questions, click here.


Daylight Sky Lamp

Fighting off the winter blues? This day light lamp is awesome for regaining energy, feeling chipper, and ending the carb cravings associated with S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) that messes up the hormones and leads to depression and weight gain. I got one last year and was shocked at how big a difference it made. I bought more this year to distribute before the winter blues hit like a dark snowstorm. This lamp regularly sells for $200+. I am really happy to offer it at the super-fab price of $128+hst. SOLD OUT!!!



Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser

This is the coolest! In case you want to mix up your own batch of air purifying essential oils, the best way to diffuse the sweet smell of e.o.s is with an ultrasonic diffuser. It doesn't burn the oil like most diffusers. Instead it comes out as a cool mist of plant goodness. Here it is pictured in its blue light mode, but you can turn off the light altogether or let it cycle through the rainbow or pick one colour you like and keep it on that. This makes it perfect for a night light, kid's light , a humidifier, and a mood lamp with healthy essential oils instead of icky scented candles. I searched and finally found one that was the lowest price at the best quality. We use them in the IC studio all the time and love it! I have seen this selling for as much as $90+! Pick one up at your IC studio for $55+hst. Awesome holiday present! Better than a gift certificate!


White Sage Smudge & Sweetgrass braids:

After years of being asked whether I carry these, I finally found a lovely company in New Mexico that supplies me with real white sage smudges and sweet grass braids.

DIY Smudge Kit

White sage smudges, like the liquid smudge above, are great for energetically cleaning people and places.  The difference is these are a super cost-effective alternative to liquid smudge if you don't mind smoke and the lingering smell. Each stick will likely last you a long, long time. It takes very little being lit to produce great white plumes of smoke. Extinguish quickly in sand or douse with water before you set off the fire alarms! 

We have gotten so many requests from people who are interested in smudging for instructions on how to smudge that we finally created a three page instruction manual on how to smudge people, places, and yourself. But value added! Only 1 left! $15+hst. 

A la carte Smudge: no booklet, no shell, you know what you are doing $14+hst
Pick from Desert sage (more green and herbal smelling) or White sage (more pungent and antiseptic).


Sweetgrass Braids

Sweetgrass braids have a milder, sweeter smell that is good for blessings and gentle energy invocations. It does not stay lit for long so it lasts long. Sweetgrass braid $14+hst. Pick up in IC studio. Email for the next order placement.




"Love" this necklace! Jewelery as invocation; wear it to remind you what it's all about. Wrap it around your wrist as a funky bracelet, attach to a key chain for a daily reminder, use it as bookmark. Perfect present for friend, hostess gift, thank you gift. Cara Accessories NYC. Silver colour, 18".

$18+hst  SALE!!! $10+hst Awesome hostess present! Better than a bottle of wine or poinsettia!


*Compared prices to major retailers and generally my prices are at least 10% cheaper and as much as 35% cheaper! Part of my commitment to value.