After taking the intro classes, many students choose to take the advanced classes in the Intuition for Life Program.

This four-level program is the most comprehensive personal development intuition program in North America. Packed with life-changing information based on mindfulness, psychology, intuition, manifestation, and spiritually based ethics, it has both lecture and experiential learning with an emphasis on the power of conscious community to heal. Started in 2007, this program has proved to be immensely popular with those who are deeply committed to their personal growth and want something both academically thorough and yet holistic in perspective.

The programs are open to everyone but will be more suitable for you at one time in your life than another so getting the timing right is important to get the most out of your experience. You can tell when you are ripe for this program if:

  • you have taken one more intro classes or workshops with Kate Opashinov and felt this was the type of learning for you  
  • you are having intuitive experiences already, maybe for some time, and want to understand them better
  • you are a healer, artist, corporate leader, entrepreneur, business visionary, dedicated parent or teacher, therapist, negotiator, communicator, cultural maven, environmental warrior, or other and wish to use intuition to heighten your ability to bring your vision to the world, and be of service
  • you are on a path of self-exploration or healing and intuitively feel this is the right way for you
  • you are committed to your personal development and/or spiritual discovery and want a community of like-minded individuals with which to share your journey

We have changed the format for our 2013-14 Level 1 class to make it more accessible to more people busy like you. No longer one weekend a month, we have switched to weeknights so you can work or spend time with family and friends on the weekend. Meeting weekly keeps you on track with the learning. There are nine learning modules in a level and four levels. All together they form the Intuition for Life Program©. You can take one, some, or all. You can repeat them for practice, or push ahead for novelty.

All Intuition for Life Program© classes involve a combination or lecture and hands-on exercises and are held at Intuitive Centre Learning Studio and Healing Clinic.

Facilitation: IC Founder Kate Opashinov

For detailed information about the each level: Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4. Find out what students are saying about IC classes and workshops. Also find out what the program can do for you and try out a quiz to see what healing you may need.

NEXT LEVEL 1: starting in fall 2015. Interested, click here for details or here to grab your spot.

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Exclusively online program for international students who cannot attend the Toronto classes. Interested? Click here and ask to be put on the online program notification list.