Everyone has intuition. But some of us have so much untrained intuition that it becomes a problem in our everyday lives. Intuition mentorship is like having someone guide you through the world of intuition, teaching you along the way until you are ready to go happily solo. Why go it alone and struggle? Intuition mentorship can make the difference between a life plagued with being too sensitive to enjoy life to the fullest and troublesome "psychic hits" that come unbidden and without an instruction manual, to a life where you control your intuitive gifts and they make your life full of flow and joy.

Do you need Advanced Training & Intuition Mentorship?

Do the quiz here to see how intuitive you are and whether you need mentorship, intro classes, or intermediate classes.


Covered in mentorship will be:

  • discussion of what your intuitive goals are and what your life goals are, and what balance with your intuition would look like for you
  • assessment of what kind/s of intuition you have (kinesthetic, visual, auditory, empathic, and all the subcategories)
  • assessment of your relationship to your intuitive (personal, historical, generational, training so far, etc.)
  • assessment of what challenges you are experiencing with regards to your gifts (physical sensitives, sleep deprivation, emotional overwhelm from others' energy, being troubled by signs/synchronicity, disturbing dreams, ghost activity, etc.)
  • clearing away any blockages to living in balance with your intuitive gifts (believes, habits, etc.)
  • developing new psychic infrastructure to support increased psychic boundaries (concepts, definitions, techniques, habits, relationship to aspects of the gift etc.)
  • developing skills in the technique of integrating new emerging aspects of your gift (experimentation technique, testing model)
  • protection techniques (that actually work)
  • developing gifts further in accordance with what is emerging and where you'd llike to go
  • suggested reading, viewing, and other resources, including private FB group for other fellow mentees to form community, swap stories, ask questions, feel less alone in experience


What you can expect out of your sessions:

  1. Instant Relief: yes, from the first session on and every session) in everyday problems starting to dissipate
  2. Your Intuition Profile: of who you are as an intuitive being, what you are, what you are not, what you can do, what future potential growth there is ahead of you, what future exciting applications for your intuition are (finally the benefits and not just the burden)
  3. Understand Yourself: clarity about your own gifts along with identifying nomenclature, understanding how your gifts fit into the larger spectrum
  4. Understand What's Happening to You: clarity about the phenomenon you are experiencing and how they fit into the spectrum of experiences, how to identify future similar occurrences or phenomenon
  5. Decreased Sensitivities: increased ability to integrate with the rest of the world without being overwhelmed, bringing bodily sensitives down or at least learning better coping strategies
  6. Increased Engagement: since most untrained intuitives cope by withdrawing and having to forgo the enjoyable activities of mixing it up, one benefit of training will be the increased ability to navigate social situations, dynamics, and groups with less stress on your system
  7. Better Sleep: a really common complaint of the sensitive and intuitive is disturbed sleep, so you will learn coping strategies to get better sleep
  8. Breaking Bad Habits: since many untrained psychics develop unhealthy habits as coping mechanisms for their highly wired systems (alcohol, marijuana, excessive food consumption, addictive tv watching, and other self-medicating) you wil learn if you are using something to self-medicate, what it is, how and why you have been using it, and will learn healthier adaptive strategies
  9. Productive Applications: in your work, job, career for your trained gifts
  10. Harmonious Applications: with family, parenting, relationships
  11. Psychic Boundaries: helps us to protect yourself and to use your gifts ethically and not cross others' boundaries
  12. Put it to Work Right Away: how you can make your current intuition work for you (instead of getting in the way) of your current everyday life
  13. Troubleshooting: the new ability to shut down or dial down the parts of your intuition that are problematic and give it a healthier outlet that can be harnessed productively for you whatever way that you choose
  14. Be Understood Finally: language to discuss who you are as an intuitive being so you can clearly express your what your needs and limits are with these gifts to friends and family in a healthy, normalizing way (no more being "too sensitive" or "weird") 
  15. Be Yourself For A Living: Find productive applications for your newly trained intuition in your current career or begin a professional intuitive practice and have Kate guide you through the ethics and business to be a quality and prosperous professional intuitive.

Why study with Kate?

Kate is what would be classified as a pan-intuitive with a specialization in empathic, mediumship, and channeling intuition. This means she can hear, see, feel physically and emotionally, intuitively. She can also do timelines, medical intuition (both analysis and healing), and predictive work (cultural, organizational, and personal), psychopomp work, and deep medium work more along the lines of old school shamanic healing and spirit negotiation vs. mere channeling of the deceased. She was trained in a four year energy-based, psychodynamic program and then studied under three different shamanic psychotherapists. She furthered her studies with classes at Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies, in psychological classes on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy), narrative therapy, EFT (emotion focused therapy), and finally a master's in psychology at the University of Toronto. Although these were all helpful, it was in her vast teaching experience that she really honed her ability to spot the many different types and levels of intuition and how to help students at any point in their intuitive learning.

She has been mentoring intuitives and sensitives for 17 years and has taught intro intuition and shamanism to thousands of students for 15 years and intermediate/advanced intuition for 10 years, has taught intuition week-long intensives on Greek islands for years, is writing several books and online programs on intuition, has had hundreds of clients from all over the world and her testimonials give you an idea of what kind of an intuitive practitioner she is. So she is one of the leading experts on intuition and is particularly experienced in custom tailoring mentorship to the unique gifts and challenges of every mentee.

She is known for being "real", her funny, highly approachable personality where no question is too weird or "dumb", for her ability to make the ineffable crystal clear by customizing her lessons to each student's way of seeing the world, and for her emphasis on taking the "woo-woo" out of what she calls "inherently mysterious enough" to make the intuitive phenomenon grounded and accessible. 

Training Format

Each session is one hour long and given that Kate has clients from all over, can and is often via skype, google chat, or over the phone (if within North America). How many sessions you need depends on how much intuition you are wielding, what kinds (some are a bit easier to integrate than others), what your current relationship to your intuition is, whether you have any previous training, whether there is a family history of it and what it is, what your current psychological health is like, what your intuitive and balance goals are, and perhaps most of all, how much work you put into it. Mentees who record their sessions and review them later, do all their homework with gusto and come prepared and engaged to sessions tend to progress visibly faster than their peers. As always, do the work and get the results. This training is much like personal training for your mind. Being psychic is not an easy gig. It can be deeply rewarding but before you get to that enjoyable point you need to put in the work. But once you learn how to harness your gifts, you will have an enjoyable asset for life.

Qualified Applicants

For this reason, Kate does not accept all applicants for her mentorship services. Prospective mentees need the following:

  • substantial intuition
  • great need (not merely casually curious)
  • great willingness to do the work
  • great commitment to follow through on the training
  • a great attitude (can do, positive, curious, sufficiently humble to learn)
  • an ability to commit to a stable session schedule (once/week, once/every two weeks, or once/month)

Kate only works with very committed students since she is winding down her practice to focus on writing and program creation. For this reason, she asks people to make commitments of eight sessions at a time. The first session will be stand alone to make sure we are a fit before moving any further. Then the eight session cycle will begin. The policies governing the eight sessions are fair to accommodate the students. People who feel reluctant to get "locked into" eight session cycles will have the chance to discuss these concerns and hesitations with Kate in the one-off initial consultation before committing to anything. If that is not enough to allay any misgivings, it might just not be a good fit for you or for right now. Kate does not believe in charging outrageous prices to reflect the limited amount of time she can commit to this part of her practice and believes passionately in the value of accessibility. Accordingly, instead of charging $750/hour for mentorship (her one-off price to non-students in psychic crisis) to reflect the scarcity of her time, she only has a few spots for very motivated and gifted students at a reasonable price. For this reason there is an application process. UPDATE: currently only one spot available.


  • First Assessment Session: $400/hour
  • Series of 8 Sessions: $2600/8 hours
  • Included: audio recording of each session, homework, and highlights of each session
  • Payment: via etransfer
  • Not covered by insurance, or any plans. Can be tax deducted for the self-employed as professional development depending on your work. Inquire.


Sessions Include

Each session will include:

  • homework review
  • discussion and questions
  • troubleshooting
  • guided body-centered meditations and visualizations (various kinds, effortless so don't worry)
  • potential invocation or healing
  • homework assignment
  • progress charting

Application Process

If this feels like a fit for you, follow this application process:

  1. Take the Advanced Untrained Intuition Quiz to see if you have enough intuition that it would require individual mentorship.
  2. Download, fill out this application form and email in your application process.
  3. Once Kate receives and reviews your application you will hear back from her or her staff to set up an appointment or to redirect you to another level of learning that would be a better fit.
  4. While waiting to hear back, be sure to sign up for Kate's email list on the front page to be informed of free learning webinars and other learning resources since Kate's advanced students often find her intro courses surprisingly rich even after studying for years plus Kate will in session refer back to concepts covered in intro classes.