Your business is in trouble. No?
It’s just sucking the life out of you?
Don’t know what direction to go in?
Want something to happen and it’s a no-go?
Here’s why…

People think that business is about business plans, bank loans, and big marketing campaigns, and it is. But for small business, that’s only half the story. Small businesses are half business / half personal psychology and if you don’t have your head, heart, and soul in the game full on, you’re toast. Maybe your business won’t sink today, maybe it will never sink, but baby, it’ll never soar.

Successful small businesses are mini-miracles. They take more than a balanced spreadsheet, a smile, and a decent product or service. Maybe that will cut it in a one-street small town, but if you live in a city or if your business is online and sells to people everywhere, competition is fierce and what will make some small businesses bloom and grow and others wither on the vine has something to do with marketing and financials, but waaaay more to do with an owner’s psychology. I have seen small business owners who don’t know what their actual costs are because deep down, their inner child felt more in control when rebelling against “grown up” common sense. I have uncovered self-sabotage rooted in early childhood dynamics that have laid waste to the best business plans. I have had front row seats to clients who soared in setting up their new businesses, manifesting out their ass, clients coming out of their ears, but when I warned them they had to decide on what shape they wanted their future success to take or unconscious psychological default settings would kick in and pick for them, they hit their unconscious success limit set by the modeling of their less successful parents and their once successful business petered out.

You’ve been right all along…

So if something doesn’t feel right in your business, trust your instincts. You’re right. It’s unconscious stuff pulling you down or sometimes your heart pulling you in another direction. Don’t spend another penny on business coaches who tell you it’s a motivation or focus issue or yet another online business program on how to grow your list, build your social media, or increase your SEO when none of that will help when deep down you may be working just as hard to manifest failure or stagnation or limits, as manifesting success.

A business reading gets to the deep down roots of all that, cleans the crap out, makes you see where these deep psychological sabotaging instincts come from and how to transform and learn from them so your vital mojo is flowing again to manifest what you want. Sounds woowoo but truth is, a clear manifestation intention is worth more than 10,000 Likes, 20,000 follows, 100 new customers etc. What good is traffic if you’re not really ready for it?

What’s in a Business Reading?

A business reading is quick, powerful, course-altering. Kate will read you, what you are doing to your business, in your business, and with your business. She’ll also read the business itself, as the living, breathing entity it is. She will cover psychology, your soul’s longing, your unique gifts, any business partners or other relevant dynamics, and even concrete aspects of the business itself, like “you need to stop focusing on social media and double down on Google ads for you business” or “Your employee Tara is stealing, Bob is drinking on the job, and you’re hemorrhaging in overhead costs and here’s what you can do…”. She will outline what’s not working, why it’s not working, how to make it work, what you need to do/alter/let go of, give you homework, and a predictive timeline that will freak you out with how accurate it is. Seriously. 19 years of experience means she can make big promises and deliver.

Kate’s Promise to You…

Based on her background in corporate marketing, Kate used to do full-on business consulting. Her predictions were accurate, her advice prescient, her strategies kickass but people just kept expecting her to “fix” their businesses. The more she put in, the less they did and she realized: it was her fault. People need to understand the “why” of what’s holding them back, to see that they are in their own way and how. So she started requiring people to have a Business Reading before any business consulting so the personal stuff could be acknowledged before attempting to “fix” the business. Once they got their soul’s “lesson”, then they could manifest their destiny. More important than success, they healed whatever was holding them back to get there because they had to heal to succeed. Once healed, they could really appreciate and keep their new success.

So stop pouring money, energy and your bruised heart into a dream that isn’t holding your love but leaking it out. Stop trying to fill the gaps with the newest, latest, most whatever. The power to fix this is in you. It always has been. Kate will just pull it up for you.