Find Your Destiny

  • Are you working harder and harder and not making as much as you feel like you could?

  • Are you finding your work causes you more stress than joy these days?

  • Do you wish that all of your clients were like your few wonderful clients?

  • Do you operate from a place of scarcity? Always worried about the money instead of focusing on the joy of the work?

  • Do you have a vision of what your company stands for, a clear goal, and a detailed strategy how to get there?

  • Do find yourself mired in drama or stress with your workers, your business partner, your associates, or your clients and need help to work it out confidentially with an impartial third party advocating on your behalf?

  • Do you know that you are undercharging or have a losing business model and need to make some radical shifts but don't know what?

  • Does the idea of effectively branding yourself or the necessity of sales give you the jeebies?

  • Despite your solid business plan and considerable efforts do you find that your business is somehow off?

  • Or can you pinpoint your problem and it falls in the realm of the psychological, personal, emotional?

  • Or are you struggling with your brand because you can't put into words what your essence is (or don't really know what it is)?

Intuitive Business Consulting is for your business but it's really about your life. We spend more waking hours working than doing anything else so we have to be happy in our work. It is not only where we get our income, but partially our identity, our satisfaction, our social network, and our engagement in life on a day to day basis so it has to be good for you.

An Intuitive Business Consulting session is different than meeting with a business manager, a financial planner, a career counsellor, or a life coach. A little bit of all of those but with an emphasis on detangling the psychological underpinnings that are preventing your path from flowing. Add to that a large dose of Kate's powerful intuition to foresee pitfalls and possibilities, and mindfulness-based intuition training for the client to increase their mojo, and then you'll find yourself seeing angles to your businesses that have been alluding you for years, find solutions to problems that have frustratingly blocked you, and see juicy possibilities become even juicier realities. If you have tried other business services and need more or if you thrive with a holistic, intuitive approach, this service is for you. 

Working with Kate has allowed me to achieve things I never thought possible in my wildest dreams. Though the process was extremely difficult work, she helped me to navigate it with skill and compassion and the results have been phenomenal. At the same time, she helped me to heal my family, a priceless gift. Kate combines the skills of a therapist with the talents of an intuitive, a powerful combination that is unbeatable for achieving the results you truly want. If you do the work required, she will show you the avenues towards a truly greater life.
— Mary, hedge fund manager

An average session could include any of the following:

  • psychological discussion

  • factor evaluation

  • mindfulness explorations

  • visualizations

  • skill building exercises

  • situation practice

  • intuition training

  • project management mapping

  • branding

  • pricing strategy

  • product extension

  • current business model evaluation

  • sales pitch, PR, interview, or meeting practice

  • lessons in boundaries, power dynamics, leadership

  • strategic problem solving: situational or interpersonal

  • homework given and homework review

Kate has consulted successfully in the following fields:

  • real estate market

  • stock market

  • law careers and firm ownership

  • retail store ownership

  • graphic design sole proprietorship

  • writing and film careers

  • contract & consultancy in government

  • contract & consultancy in human resources

  • corporate ownership, CEO, and VP positions

  • garment manufacturing

  • mediation and HR

  • academic career and tenureship

  • starting a consultancy

  • starting or growing a healing practice

  • scouting partners or investors

Before Kate finally surrendered to her path as an intuitive therapist, educator, speaker and writer, she had a job in corporate marketing while working towards a degree in marketing after her four years of psychotherapy training and a specialist degree in English literature. Marketing came naturally to her because of her understanding of psychology and storytelling coupled with a mind always focused on strategy, and anticipating customer needs. After further psychological training, years of intuitive practice, and small business ownership, Kate now has a unique combination of perspectives that serve her Intuitive Business Consulting clients well.

I had quite a bit of resistance to trying business counseling, thinking that my business issues couldn’t be resolved by counseling, but rather that they were financial... or circumstantial... or any other number of external causes. I knew I had fears that were getting triggered in the business arena, but I assumed they were just a result of my not being a ‘business mind’, and that I simply lacked the stomach for business.

That first session with Kate was certainly surprising, and caught me totally off guard! I wasn’t expecting to cry during a business counseling session, but she just seemed to be able to see right through to the heart of things, and some of those things were a bit painful to face. With Kate’s gentle guidance and subtle leading (and sense of humor!), I was able to finally see that my fears and difficulties in business had very little to do with a lack of experience, sales skills or know-how... and had much more to do with personal assumptions and judgments I and others had made, some that had roots as far back as childhood!

My sales have tripled, partly because of the store front, but then I don’t think I’d have had the confidence to showcase my products so effectively had it not been for our sessions. Also, new wholesale accounts have increased significantly, and I am receiving at least twice as many wholesale inquiries than before our sessions began.

Skills I thought would always be out of my reach are now coming more easily to me; my confidence has blossomed, my ability to deal effectively with clients and customers has grown, and that paralyzing fear has lost its grip on me. The impenetrable mystery around success in the business realm has cleared, and I can finally see my place in all of it...Thanks Kate!
— Eden, entrepreneur

All sessions are over the phone or video chat. In person business site evaluations can also be arranged.

Money Back Guarantee


Want to know pricing? Click here to inquire. But first know this: Kate offers an industry-breaking, competition-crushing, unprecedented, the-client-always-wins, money back guarantee. You read that right. 

Money-back guarantee2.jpg

1) You tell Kate your goals within the 10-hour contract.

2) She assesses whether she can get you that within the 10 hours.

3) If no, she'll discuss with you what she can guarantee within 10 hours. If you agree to that, you sign back your commitment. If yes, she'll sign back her commitment. Either way, when you come to an agreement of what is to be achieved within the contract period and your commitment to the process, she will guarantee the outcome. That's right, guaranteed results.

No more vague coaching. You can't get more concrete than this. But in turn, this means you can't not do your homework, back away from the challenges she sets for you, or low ball her. She'll be fair and reasonable but you have to be too. You want results; she guarantees their delivery or money back. So there are no more excuses to not succeed. Period.

PS. Sessions are tax deductible for the self-employed.