Have a Guide in Your Journey...

We are all born with life flowing through us. Life experiences can be painful enough that we literally cut off our own life force in order to not feel the pain. But when we do that we also cut off the joy, the connection, the life energy itself. Usually reconnecting to our life force involves clearing the mind, body and soul of old energies, bringing mindfulness to energetic and psychological outmoded ways of being to choose flow over habitual stuckness, in order to reconnect to ourselves and to spirit, to the divine for guidance, meaning, and joy. The goal is always to re-establish the life-flow.

This can be done with talk therapy, role-playing, strategy mapping, sound and movement, guided visualizations, and mindfulness meditation. For the client who processes more through their body, Kate also offers intuitive healing sessions. Her style of counselling could be classified as eclectic; her training was in body-centered, mindfulness-based, psychodynamic psychotherapy which she combines with her extensive intuition and other modalities she has learned (CBT, Narrative, EFT).

Prerequisites to counselling (one or more of the following):

Sessions are 1 hour, are at Kate's office Intuitive Centre at Bayview & Eglinton. Long distance sessions are also available for those not in Toronto via skype/FB messenger.

Common issues covered:

  • emotional distress (depression, anxiety)

  • feeling stuck

  • relationship issues

  • grief (bereavement, loss of loved one, job, marriage, identity)

  • anger management

  • self-esteem issues

Therapeutic specialities:

  • breaking up with a narcissistic partner, high stakes divorce

  • separating from dysfunctional relationships with parents or siblings

  • parenting a gifted child (incl. intuitive, highly sensitive, ADHD, autistic)

  • career and job changes for cultural creatives or towards independent or entrepreneurial path

  • psychological underpinnings of business issues

  • manifesting emotions physically

  • single stigma, aloneness, dating

  • intuitive ability

  • starting or growing a practice, new therapist or healer mentorship*

*New therapist healers can also come for mentorship in their burgeoning practices. Included: setting up a practice, developing your own style, attracting the clients you can best serve, learning the healing arc and individual rhythm of each client, counter transference as an intuitive tool, separating the cause and effect of wounding (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual), the prioritization of healing, and more. An initial interview is required.

Kate will be a good fit for you if...

  • you have tried other counselling modalities and either have reached the full capacity of what they had to offer or found them ineffective

  • have already been around the healing block and are not a newbie to healing, counseling, mindfulness and need a seasoned practitioner

  • want powerful results in your life, can handle the truth, and are willing to work

  • take responsibility for the creation of your life unconditionally

  • are not relying on drugs, magic techniques, or hand-holding to "solve" your problems

  • want more than to just work through your pain, but want to create an exciting life

The self-employed can claim their sessions however Kate is not covered by insurance or OHIP. To prepare for a session or to better understand this work, check out Kate's intro classes or come for a reading.