We wished that when our bodies broke down, it was like a car. We bring it in, there’s only so many possibilities as to what is wrong, the mechanic has seen this problem many times before, knows how long and how much it will take, you pay, and it’s fixed. And sometimes, our bodies behave like that. And then sometimes they don’t. No one knows what is going on. Or every doctor, specialist and practitioner says something different leaving you not knowing what to think. You choose one path and it doesn’t fix the problem. You choose another and again the problem isn’t resolved. You keep spending time, money, energy, worrying, trying things, maybe in pain, and still no resolution. This is when to call in a medical intuitive.

You need someone who hasn’t invested 10 years into med school towards a specialty so that is all they see
like that old phrase “when all you have is a hammer, you see the whole world as a nail.”

You need someone who is going to see you once and has no interest in drawing this process out.

You need someone whose only job is to deliver piercing insight and nothing more.

You need someone who isn’t a specialist, whose talent is seeing the big picture, the connections,
the causes and effects to figure out the complex dynamic playing out in your body.

And most of all, you need someone to cut through to the heart of the matter to
shave time, money, stress, worry, and pain off this process for you.

You need an intuitive health reading if:

  • you have a recurring health issue that no one can explain why it won’t heal or why it keeps coming back

  • you have a health issue that no one agrees on what it is, what the cause is, or what the treatment is

  • you have non-stop rotating health issues, as soon as one problem clears, another appears

  • you are not recovering as quickly as medically expected and no one can explain why

  • want to pick a new practitioner/doctor/clinic/hospital/etc and after so many false starts want to know which is right for you now

  • you have been sick for a while and are losing hope, patience, clarity, money and need to know what your healing timeline is

Her insights were clear, precise and concrete, bringing to light issues that hadn’t even occurred to me.....issues that got me in my predicament in the first place but were beyond my awareness. As important were her practical suggestions on how to help myself in the future for I know that my continued health on all levels is in my hands. But when in need, Kate is the person I trust to bring clarity, understanding, and healing to the issues at hand.

Not every healing modality or course of action is equally valuable to everyone. Some people’s energetic configurations make them highly responsive to homeopathy; and it does nothing for others. At this point surgery combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine might be perfect for one person, but in a few years not the right choice for their body anymore. That’s because ALL illness is a transformative process (whether we like it or not) and involves the soul and your unique configuration too.

You have to pick the right thing at the right time but out of hundreds of possibilities,
how can you know which is the right choice for you?

This is where Kate comes in. Aside from being a powerful intuitive from childhood, Kate went through a four year hands-on healing and medical intuitive program, has practiced for 19 years medical intuition and hands-on healing, and has apprenticed under an integrative medicine doctor for over a year. She is well versed in a wide variety of healing fields (TCM, Ayurveda, homeopathy, herbalism, nutrition, flower essences, physical healing arts from energy healing to cranio-sacral to fascial release, and more) in addition to be a licensed psychotherapist. One of the specialities of her practice of 19 years has been working with clients with somatic illness and manifesting “mystery ailments”. Her breadth is what makes her uniquely suited to be able to see what modality or course of action could be best for your body at this specific point in your healing journey.

I have had shamanic healings before with other people, but this one definitely stood out as one of the best. Just awesome. What made it so? Well.. when I left the session, I felt AMAZING! The energy within me was just buzzing. I don’t remember when was the last time I had experienced this before - but I would guess it was over 20 years ago when I was in high school and had the energy a typical teenager has. I felt I could run - and I am so not a runner. I felt centred, grounded and just in my own power. That night, I had the best sleep! I feel connected, and more in tune with the universe.

Kate is so in tune as a practitioner, she is definitely extraordinary and I feel lucky and grateful that I have the opportunity to experience a healing with her.

If I had to describe her service it would be like this: After having a session with Kate, you will feel like you are having a ride in a luxurious car, and realize that you have been riding a bike your entire life. I am just grateful that Kate had the time to fit me into her busy schedule. Thank you Kate!

Problems she can read for:

  • post surgery recovery

  • post accident recovery

  • healing from multiple accidents or surgeries

  • pre surgery prep

  • chronic illnesses

  • life threatening illnesses

  • undiagnosed ailments

  • illness prediction, detection, and prevention

  • healing timelines

The healing was very emotionally and energetically intense while it was happening. When it was over I felt like I could breathe for the first time in years.

Kate’s explanation was very clear, but complex because she dealt with many different issues and people. I would definitely recommend it for people who are ready to face issues and cleanse themselves on a soul level. Kate is a gifted healer.