Want to know yourself deeply?

How you perceive the world?

Whether you’re more fire, air, water, or earth?

Want to know if you’re more physical, visual, or auditory?

Process the energies around you?

How your early childhood has shaped you for good and for bad and what you can do about it?

Want to know what your unique gifts and talents are?

What’s holding you back? Sabotaging you?

And what you can do about it?

The Life Reading covers all this and a A LOT more and is perfect for someone who is still trying to figure out who they are. Want to ask really specific questions about your health or body? About someone in your life you don’t know what to make of? How about someone who has passed over? ASK ANYTHING. After 19 years of practice, Kate can and has answered pretty much every imaginable question so nothing is too weird or hard to answer. She’s honest. If she isn’t picking anything up or doesn’t know, she’ll tell you, but it’s pretty rare. So ask about anything in your life and finally have answers, clarity, and a sense of solidness.

Great clarity! I was taken aback from the emotional depth that Kate reached. Her level of empathy struck a nerve. Although I was not completely sure of all she discussed, I had to take the time to reflect upon her words. There were some accuracy to her comments but it was not until this morning did I realize the depth of the reading. The reading raised more awareness of how I react to the world. It resonated deeply after some reflection. I am still going through the details.

I have already told a friend. I explained to her that Kate is able to explore some of the root issues in life and perhaps find a pathway to help resolve them for you. She uses empathy to understand the past and to create a pathway to the future.

Readings with Kate are so dense and information-packed that it is strongly recommended that you record them on your smartphone as clients have reported hearing things in them upon second and third listenings that they missed the first time. Readings usually last at least a year and usually up to three years and are tax deductible for the self employed. They are an investment in you. No more meandering therapy sessions, or pointless coaching, if you don’t know you, you don’t know where you want to go or what you’re working with.

Kate’s reading was spiritually and energetically rich. My session with her made me realize that in essence I had been walking around my own neighborhood for years, unable to remember where I lived. Kate not only showed me my home, but she gave me the keys to get inside. She showed me that my instincts are correct, and that I can trust them, even when at times they seem irrational. My beliefs were confirmed, and aspects to my life that were previously confusing were explained. Kate’s reading has opened a door behind which lies the greatest journey of my life! I highly recommend Kate’s readings to anyone, especially those who are ready for a change in their lives.

If you want to ask about your career/destiny or your business though, those are BIG topics into themselves, so book a Career Reading or Business Reading to give those big ticket items in your life the proper attention they deserve and save the super-important topic of you, people in your life, health, body, spirituality question for your Life Reading. JUST ONE NOTE: book your reading for the first timeslot of the day. Kate wants to be her freshest to do your reading. If it’s already taken, pick the next available day. Trust me, it’ll be worth it :)