Know Creation: Manifestation


After all that personal exploration, in the Intuition for Life Program Levels 1 and 2,  you can't just sit around on your couch watching re-runs. You're brilliant. Go out and show the world! Better yet, help the world! It definitely needs it. These classes are about finding your passion from a heart-centered place, reconnecting to your dreams, and finding the courage, clarity, and personal power to fulfill them. Each workshop will build towards a project you will be working on for the 9 learning modules. Gifted with all these new skills, let the adventure of your life begin!

There are 9 learning modules with a two classes each. Each class is 3 hours. Each module will have components of hands-on learning; partner and group learning; all mixed with formal lecture and spontaneous, organic teaching in response to student curiosity and need; along with digital hand-outs (notes and quizzes). Together all the notes comprise a textbook for the course. 

After this program you will...

  • embody the energetic principles of manifesting or making something happen
  • manifest help and situations in your life to build your dreams
  • practice manifestation troubleshooting techniques to overcome obstacles
  • know how to not only succeed in achieving your goals but enjoy your day to day process on the way to success
  • know how to pursue your dreams without the habitual contraction we usually experience after growth spurts or successful periods
  • understand your unique gifts and what form they can take to contribute to the world
  • power your dreams with faith, risk, responsibility, and vision
  • know the spiritual nature of service and surrender to the flow of life
  • know how to maintain a spiritual centre while being engaged in worldly matters 

Module 1: Intro to Manifestation
Overview of the manifestation process and what the overall process for Level 3 will be. Refresh your knowledge of Level 1 and 2 principles and reacquaint yourself with the group so you can hit the ground running. Sept 8 and 15, 2015

Module 2: Thought as the Organizing Principle
Manifestation Begins! Dream a new vision for your life. What do you want more than anything? What makes your heart skip a beat? What are your gifts? How can you be of service to the world? This is the very first step in an eight step manifestation process with each being played out for the following weekends to manifest this big new life vision for you! Sept 22 and 29, 2015

Module 3: Desire as Fire
Here's where the program kicks into high gear! Make your commitment to your vision public. More than a business peer group or group therapy. You will be called on to implement all your energetic, psychological, and spiritual skills from Level 1 to manifest your new large life vision and be held accountable for the results And it all starts with your burning desire so flame on for a new life! Oct 6 and 13, 2015

Module 4: Clearing the Space
Roll up your sleeves and start sweating your way into manifestation! By the end of the weekend, take a deep breath in your new cleaned out life, emptied to make room for new growth. Simple but powerful. Oct 20 and 27, 2015

Module 5: Defining the Space
Now the building begins! With the old cleared away, engage in a process of conscious construction. Build the life you want instead of simply settling for the life you inherited from your family. Nov 3 and 10, 2015

Module 6: Energy + Structure= Form
Learn the diagnostic tools of the manifestation/intuition dynamic in order to effectively workshop your project with the group's support and feedback. Nov 17 and 24, 2015

Module 7: Fueling the Form
Master the art of accomplishing much while doing nothing. The defining characteristic between "efforting" and "manifesting". Dec 1 and 8, 2015

Module 8: Timing Creation
Time brings up many central questions to a manifestation process and evokes a re-evaluation of your project that produces more results for less effort. Jan 5 and 12, 2015

Module 9: Maintenance and Growth of Form
Present your project to the group for feedback for future growth. Jan 19 and 26, 2015

Live Class Registration...

Pre-requisite: any intro class with Kate Opashinov. Intuition for Life Program Level 1 and 2 for live format.

Format: live class and online

Included: downloadable textbook and workbook, video tutorials, quizzes, troubleshooting database, online community discussion for help

Fee: $159 per module, total $1431+hst

Early Bird Fee: $1215+hst ($135/module), total $1372.95

Registration & Refund Policy: To register, send cheque or etransfer to Intuitive Centre. Registration full for fall 2015. Click here for detailed, complete refund policy.

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