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Media Appearances

  • Read tips on intuition for dating and how to practice your intuition in Elle Canada's Karen Kwan interview in 2011 with Kate by clicking here.
  • Kate did her first live tv appearance on Rogers York Daytime with Jacqueline and Jeff Feb.11, 2011 and Rogers Durham with Kasia on Feb.12 to discuss "Drama-Free Dating with Intuition".
  • Kate has commented on the psychological aspects in cartoons on a television show for adults for aired in the spring of 2011, "Toons" out on TVtropolis.
  • Listen to Buddha Lounge to hear Kate's interview with another fabulous psychic Colette Baron-Reid and owner of Toronto's very own Awakenings bookstore Natasha Dern. Several chances to catch Kate on Buddha Lounge: March 14 at 1pm on Newstalk 1010 and also on 610 CKTB at 9pm, 2011.
  • PROUD FM 103.9: Kate's brief forecast for 2010 airing December 20th and the following 26th, and a brief interview on PROUD FM in January 15th.
  • To hear Kate's interview on the Drew Marshall Radio Show October 31st, 2009 got the archives ofwww.DrewMarshall.ca.  Also check out the interview right after Kate's with James Randi, professional skeptic, where they discuss their different points of view.
  • Read City Life Magazine's article on intuition with Kate in 2008 by following this link to the online version.



Interview Kate

Interview Kate

Why should you interview Kate?


About Kate

Kate’s a dynamic speaker, fun to watch and easy to listen to, a cross between Marianne Williamson and John Oliver. Her fast talking, insightful, yet funny, social commentary intermixed with explanations of how we can heal, grow, be empowered, and make our life bigger are all rooted in her training in mindfulness-based, body-centered psychodynamic and CBT.

After 17 years as an intuitive counsellor, professional intuitive, and psychoeducational teacher she is now in the process of finishing her first book and accompanying online program on self-psychology and is transitioning her practice into being primarily online and program creating. She has taught literally thousands of students in her 17 years and has experience being interviewed for print, radio, tv and online publications.

She’s a real intuitive but also she’s keeps it real. No woowoo from her. Her emphasis on psychology, mindfulness and practical techniques that yield real results have her clients referring far and wide, her public classes sold out, and her private school, Intuitive Centre, going strong since 2007. She is a consciousness hacker, a modern day soothsayer, and a social visionary.


Her Subject Matter

This is just a small sampling of the topics she has already spoken or taught on:

  • Mindfulness: “Easy Mindfulness in 5 Minutes or Less”, “How Mindfulness Can Heal the Mind and the Body”, “How Mindfulness Can Heal Relationships”
  • Intuition: "This Year's Predictions", “How Intuition Works”, “How You Can Cultivate Your Intuition”, “How Intuition Can Make Your Life Bigger”, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ghosts & Spirits But Were Afraid to Ask”, "Intuition for Dating", "Intuition for Your Career", "Intuition for Your Health"
  • Psychology: She can speak on topics like “How Boundaries Make Everything Better”, “Transforming Anxiety”, “Productive Anger”, “Letting Go for Happiness”, “How to Love Yourself”


Contact Kate

If you are interested in having Kate come and speak about any of these topics or similar ones, please feel free to email us by clicking here.

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