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Mojo Consulting

Mojo Consulting

Strategic, tactical, intuitive, and psychological, Kate's Mojo Consulting will get you unstuck, feeling your power and moving you towards your goals.

If you know what you want, why isn't it happening? "My boss/bank account/co-worker/husband/kids/insecurities/etc" doesn't really resolve anything, does it? And yet, it's not a bullshit excuse either. There's something legitimate about the things that thwart us. But if we're gonna say "I can't because..." then let's get into it. Let's roll up our sleeves together and get to the bottom of it, because whatever it is, Kate's got you covered. After 17 years in practice as a psychotherapist and professional intuitive, after a career in marketing and multiple start-ups of her own, after years of successfully consulting people into promotions, new jobs, new careers, new companies, she's got a helluva tool kit to take on any problem. But best of all, she knows that no matter how skilled you are, or how solid your business plan; if you have lost your mojo, your internal magic, that spark that gives you the confidence, courage, and connectedness to take on your world, then n-o-t-h-i-n-g will happen, nada, zilcho will move forward. And she can help you with that too.


What Do You Need?

What Do You Need?

Career Consulting

Want a personal brand to be seen in your career and your reputation to precede you?  Or maybe want that promotion but always get passed by? More than qualified for the job but never get it? Getting outmaneuvered at work by colleagues stealing credit for your work, shunting you to the side effectively demoting you, or bosses who acknowledge you know the work but you're not "leadership material"? Screw that noise. Or maybe you want to jump ship to a better company, start your own consultancy, or change careers altogether? Kate has consulted in everyone one of these situations and more. Let's figure out what you want and then get it for you, and then let's train you into your power so you keep it. These are individual sessions and not part of a program. Click here to inquire.

“Kate is absolutely outstanding in her work, and it is worthwhile to work hard to metabolize the very high volume of material that she is sharing. She is intense, and I like to tape our sessions to get the full benefit, as it is more than I can absorb at one time. She was able to point out more options for the future that flowed from the current situation, and strategies to get there. She also provided some tactical advice that I did not even identify that I needed, and the issue she foresaw did come up!
Kate is highly intuitive, so the conversation goes in helpful directions that she initiates based on listening to me, while regularly checking in to make sure that it is useful, and that I am in agreement with the direction. Kate helps me to move past my comfort zone, and only as far as I am ready to go (well, maybe a little further). There are several times when her advice/predictions are 100% accurate.
It’s career counselling plus help with self-awareness plus advocacy plus cheerleading plus blind spot illumination.”

— Labour Negotiations, L. McConkey

Business Consulting

Business Triage

Your dream of working for yourself turning into a nightmare, or at the very least, a boring repetitive, annoying dream? Not breaking any new ground, not taking the world by storm, not making a killing, nor killing it? Working hard, getting stressed, and not moving forward? Have employees who don't deliver? Not sure about your businesses financials, marketing strategy, pricing strategy, business model, how to gather or analyze your analytics? Suspect you are financially hemorrhaging, or worse, are and don't even know it? At very least, are you running an energetic deficit (more energy goes in and less money/productivity/growth comes back out)? Kate has helped clients with all these situations and more. She will do an in-depth business and psychological analysis to see what is sabotaging your businesses growth, and then create a plan to help you shore up any losses, consolidate what you have, create a plan for what you want, and an analysis for what it will take to get there. This a hybrid learning/consulting program designed for maximum value for the client. Click here to inquire.

“I had quite a bit of resistance to trying business counseling, thinking that my business issues couldn’t be resolved by counseling, but rather that they were financial... or circumstantial... or any other number of external causes. I knew I had fears that were getting triggered in the business arena, but I assumed they were just a result of my not being a ‘business mind’, and that I simply lacked the stomach for business.

That first session with Kate was certainly surprising, and caught me totally off guard! I wasn’t expecting to cry during a business counseling session, but she just seemed to be able to see right through to the heart of things, and some of those things were a bit painful to face. With Kate’s gentle guidance and subtle leading (and sense of humor!), I was able to finally see that my fears and difficulties in business had very little to do with a lack of experience, sales skills or know-how... and had much more to do with personal assumptions and judgments I and others had made, some that had roots as far back as childhood!

My sales have tripled, partly because of the store front (ed.note- Eden opened a new retail store), but then I don’t think I’d have had the confidence to showcase my products so effectively had it not been for our sessions. Also, new wholesale accounts have increased significantly, and I am receiving at least twice as many wholesale inquiries than before our sessions began.

Skills I thought would always be out of my reach are now coming more easily to me; my confidence has blossomed, my ability to deal effectively with clients and customers has grown, and that paralyzing fear has lost its grip on me. The impenetrable mystery around success in the business realm has cleared, and I can finally see my place in all of it...Thanks Kate!

— Eden, retail store owner and product line creator

Business Rocket Fuel

Your business foundation strong and stable and you are ready to take it to the next level? Or maybe you just finished Business Triage with Kate and now that you have turned your hemorrhaging around and finally have stability, you want to finally pursue the kind of growth you have always dreamed about? Want to reach a wider market, time for line extension, want to sell the business and need to prep it, ready to bring p.r. into your marketing mix, need a higher R.O.I. on your social media strategy, need to learn leadership and establish h.r. protocols and training now that the business is growing? Kate has consulted on all this and more and can help you get the kind of results you only dreamed about and more. This a hybrid learning/consulting program designed for maximum value for the client. Click here to inquire if you are ready for this type of consulting.

Business Start-up Blueprint

Have a fledgling business that is rapidly turning into a flailing business? Have a brilliant idea, a vision, a mission, or just want to be your own boss and need help? Want to start your own consultancy, sell a product, a service, bricks and mortar, or something online? Need a brand package, a business model analysis, a marketing strategy, a sales funnel, a pricing model, increased distribution, or just plain business set-up so you don't hemorrhage time, money, and your energy? Kate has helped people do all of this and more, and can make the difference between your business taking off and having to give up "this crazy dream". This a hybrid learning/consulting program designed for maximum value for the client. Click here to see if a Business Blueprint is for you.

Trial Basis

You book a la carte. If you want the whole business package, this is not recommended because it will end up costing you more than the above programs. However, if you money is tight, you're not sue, or you only need a few sessions, this is the perfect fit. Sessions will be on the phone and can be strategic, tactical, business or the psychology of business, focusing in on one problem, or pulling back to see the big picture. You choose. To book a session, click here.

“I had always dreamt of starting my own business, but something had always held me back. Then Kate started counseling me, and her expertise and guidance have proven to be an invaluable asset. She has helped me with everything from marketing advice, and figuring out who my target audience is, to showing me how some of my own belief systems were setting me up for failure. With Kate’s help, I now feel comfortable and confident in living my dream, and my business is starting to take off!”

— Sarah, artisan & photographer

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Mojo Case Studies

Mojo Case Studies

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