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Greek Island Mojo Retreat

Recharge your soul September 16-22, 2019


Greek Island Mojo Retreat

Recharge your soul September 16-22, 2019

Are you lucky, confident, clear, and strong?No? Then chances are,
you’re soul-depleted.

Like no amount of rest or sleep seems to be getting your confidence, power, will, or luck back? That means your mojo is low, my friend.
Are you ready for a boost of soul energy, filling you with wonder, gratitude, clarity, strength, intuition, confidence, even vision for your life?

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Most people don't pay attention to their mojo, even though it makes the difference between health and illness, alluring and unappealing, success and failure, magic and a boring life. Mojo is the best makeup, the best insurance, the best luck, the best vitamin, the best haircut and outfit, the best advice, the best personal trainer, the best massage, the best night out, the best vacation, the best personal coach, all in one. Mojo is…


But learning about mojo in a classroom alone is harder than in a mojorific environment. So this retreat emphasizes hands-on, experiential, sensual fun, a combination of shamanic woowoo exercises to get your magic up and running again, mixed with some getting into your body fun activities to make you feel your inner goddess stir to life again, all with a community of fellow mojo women. If you want a vacation that is more than the usual, a learning experience that doesn't feel heavy or classroomy, if you're tired of traveling alone or planning it all, if you want to meet some amazing like-minded women, or if you are hungering for something real to feed your soul but roughing it in the Amazon so you can have a vision doesn't appeal, than this is the trip for you. Part fun, part learning, part funky, part soulful, all in the most gorgeous, nurturing, mojorific, juicy of locales: a Greek island.

Besides, you're going to go on a vacation or travel at some point. Why go on another predictable all-inclusive, or travel alone with all the work of planning on you and no one to share the fun with? Why not make your vacation days count and do something liberating and exciting but safe and easy? Let Kate do all the heavy lifting for you and enjoy!



Learn while you lounge…

Read on to hear about the amazing
hybrid learning model of this retreat


There's no question that there's stuff to learn about mojo but doing it all in a classroom is the slowest way to go. You have to experience mojo to grow your mojo. But we have to understand what mojo is, how it lives (or doesn't) in us, what our relationship to it is, how it effects us, what the causes of it are and more, to be able to get it back up and running. So what to do? Veteran workshop facilitator Kate Opashinov has created a hybrid model that gives all the learning of a workshop and all the relaxing of a retreat. 

She has created an online learning program valued at $600 if you buy it alone but is included for super high value in the retreat registration fee. The program is comprehensive with 15 videos, 15 + pdfs to watch, learn, and ponder in your homework sheets. You get access to this online learning program the moment you sign up for the retreat. This way we get the school learning stuff out of the way before the retreat so we can focus on experience, discussion, and enjoyment at the retreat. Have questions from your online learning? Stuck some place? Found something challenging? Bring them to the retreat and ask Kate live in an amazing small group setting with individual attention. Understand conceptually but need an example? You'll get plenty live in our gorgeous local on a Greek island. This is the best of both: learning and lounging.

So in a handpicked mojorific environment with an experienced facilitator familiar with all that a Greek island can offer, Kate can bring you juicy results in a short week, each day building on the next, with time for fun socializing, personal reflection and rest. You just can't get that transformative effect in an online class alone or in a classroom in one week. And nothing gets the mojo up and running like sensuality, slowing down, nature, and maybe a bit of flirting ;)

Get your juju back on a Greek island
this September and face the rest of the year with
more spunk in your step, more juju in your hoohoo,
more sparkle in your stride, and restore yourself to your fierce,
brilliant self, ready to bring it to the world!

Read on for the salacious details, the outrageous bonuses, and most importantly, to see if you are a fit for this small select group retreat....

The Mojo Retreat is a fun, relaxing and reinvigorating experience. If you are feeling tired and low energy, it is a great way to recharge, reconnect and build your Mojo muscles. I loved spending time with other mojorific women and being treated to surprises while learning more about how to power my own Mojo. I highly recommend this trip and can’t wait for next year! Thank you Kate for putting together this amazing experience!


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Is this for me?

Is this for me?

"It is hard to find a great hotel with an amazing view, quiet, with the right mojo, great food nearby, good swimming, beach out front, all close enough to Athens so that it won't be a superdrag to get off an international flight and then hop on an excruciatingly long ferry ride to get there. Why am I telling you this? Because, for this reason, spots are actually limited by how many rooms we can snag at a perfect (meaning meets the above requirements) hotel. So when I say spots are limited, it's not marketing b.s., it's the logistical truth. So for this reason, we want people who are going to take one of the few precious spots to really love the trip, for it to be a fantastic fit for you and the group so it's a win-win-win for everyone. The goal here is happy-happy.

Part of what will be amazing here is meeting other women who function at a certain level, who understand your pain, and share your challenges, have similar mojo interests, so we really want to handpick this group to mesh well together for maximum learning and fun." ~Kate


You are a perfect fit if you want:

  1. RECHARGE: need a restorative, rejuvenating break

  2. BETTER LUCK: want your "luck" to change; want to get your groove back after a rough period, learn what mojo is, what it can do for you, why its low for you, and what you can do about it, and then get it back at the retreat

  3. GOOD COMPANY: want to go on a vacation with like minded awesome women and are tired of traveling alone with no one to laugh with or going on a tour with people who you have NOTHING in common with, or with family or friends who d-r-a-i-n you.

  4. GROWTH : want more out of your vacation days than just margaritas and a tan? You can still get a tan and a drink but grow as a person while you do it.

  5. WONDER: want to be surprised and delighted but you can't very well surprise yourself, can you? So let Kate do it with treats and pampering in mojo-building ways

My mojo was depleted before the retreat and I was feeling sad with negative thought tendencies. After the retreat, my mojo was recharged, and I am feeling more joy with greater confidence.

Who this is not for:

  • you are not interested in upping your intuition, manifestation, personal power or magnetism or magic in your life

  • if you don’t like sea and sun, Greek cuisine, being surprised and delighted, meeting other like minded kickass women, getting some restoration and guidance on your path

  • complainers, whiners, victims, blamers who want to hold on to feeling crappy instead of letting it go when presented with the way to do it

  • if you don’t believe that getting a new perspective, taking some risks, learning new things, investing in your growth, going deep in yourself, meeting amazing like minded inspiring woman will help you in your path, working with your intuition and a skilled facilitator is life changing and worth it, then this isn’t for you

Look, no hard feelings, this retreat is soul-rejuvenating and if that's not your thing, no worries but it's not a fit.




Why Greece?

"I have taught many workshops in Greece and a few in other places and I get asked why Greece? What's so great about Greece that you keep going back there? Simple: Mojo.

MOJO: mo·jo ˈmōjō

Mojo is a noun originally used to mean a magic charm or spell or an amulet, or it could mean a quality or some ability that brings good luck or helps you be good at something. Originally from the US and associated with the music and dance culture, it has entered the English language and has also taken on an additional meaning of personal confidence and charisma with regard to sexual relationships.

The Greeks don't have a word for intuition the same as we do. That's because it's so prevalent in their culture. I have had students tell locals that they were there for an intuition workshop and the locals immediately say "Oh yeah, energy, when you sense stuff, sure that makes sense." Versus back in North America where people are like "What? How do you learn that? What do you mean?" Their very history is soaked in mythology, tales of magic, transformation, and sexual escapades. And the land itself supports that: sexy, dreamy, nurturing, it feels like anything is possible there. This is about more than getting your groove back with some hot Greek guy, it's about getting your soul groove back for yourself, your deeper mojo in order to manifest whatever you dream up on this soul retreat." ~Kate

In between leisurely classes, go exploring in town for snacks, shopping, soaking up the culture. Or go hiking amongst sun-soaked pines, each breath sweet and earthy. Or see if you can try every beach the island has to offer before the end of your trip and decide which you love best. Rent a bike or be gloriously lazy and grab a cab with some fellow retreaters and new friends. Or curl up and read a book and journal at the hotel's nearest beach or your balcony and be lulled to sleep to the sound of waves.

You can't get more juicygorgeous than this! Kate is picky as hell about groovy energy and won't settle for anything less than pretty and peaceful. We will be visiting an island known for its 1000 beautiful views. It is considered an island of feminine energy, and one view of hills is called the sleeping lady because it looks like a lady on her side. Greek culture appreciates women, and this island even more so. Another reason to have a mojo retreat here specifically. But the point is, Kate will do all the leg work and prescreening to pick the best possible place with the right combination of factors so no more exhaustive researching and tedious legwork for you to plan a trip and no more traveling alone or with the whole fam in tow= actual relaxation and recharging for you.

Will it be warm in September? Yes, the average temperature there in September is in the 20s celsius in the day and drops to around 19C at night so bring a light sweater. (The ideal packing list will be emailed to you along with a ton of other helpful, take-the-stress-off-of-you information in the Welcome Package once you register.) The water will still be warm enough to swim in from the extreme heat it absorbed in the summer reaching highs of 45C frequently. So September will be pleasantly warm but not sweltering and the added benefit will be that it will be more quiet and peaceful as it is the end of the tourist season, August being its peak.

Everybody gets their own room, bathroom, and sea view* included in their retreat registration. Everything is arranged with your comfort and restoration in mind so all you have to do is get your fabulous hiney over there and Kate will meet you and get you settled in.






Imagine yourself overlooking the sea as the sun goes down with a light breeze coming off the water after a day of learning, sunshine, and lounging as you feel your inner juiciness go up day by day. The waiter arrives and the platters of food start going down one by one and you start eyeing your fellow workshoppers plates and think maybe you'll order that too; it all looks so good. Fresh fish cooked over charcoal, classic Greek salad with creamy feta, crispy golden calamari, savory moussaka, lacy and tart marouli salad, baked lamb and potatoes, wine, and more. For dessert, some of you are talking about walking into town to get fresh loukoumades, the tempting doughnut-like balls covered in honey and cinnamon, others are holding out for flaky baklava from the nearby bakery.

The next day you decide you need a pick me up and everyone has been raving about the sinful triple-cream ice cream. How good could can it be? You try it and moan. This is a diet-killer but totally worth every. single. lick. What better after icecream say the Greeks than a mid-afternoon coffee on the beach? Try the freddo cappuccino. It might sound Italian, heck maybe it is, and that's good. Iced espresso over superfatted, super whipped milk-froth sitting like a cloud on your caffeinated mid-day heavenly respite. Jeez, how much weight are you going to gain? None. Because you will be walking and swimming all day long and burning more calories than at the gym and never even notice. Perfection.

The next morning you have to choose between creamy, real Greek yoghurt with honey and pistachios and a side dish of fresh fruit, or coffee along with a slice of lemon olive oil honey cake (it sounds weird but is yummy), or spanakopita and fresh squeezed orange juice, or maybe... so many things to choose!

Greeks love their food and it shows. Even a quick and cheap lunch of souvlaki is delicious and healthier than our standard fare. Eat meals leisurely and let food be thy medicine with the world renowned healing mediterranean cuisine. 


This diet has something for everyone, and any dietary needs you have can be accommodated: vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, gluten/dairy/sugar free, severe allergies. Just be sure to tell Kate in the Travel Info form you will be sent after registration.





Craving rejuvenation and magic?


This retreat is designed to:

  • GIVE YOU PEACE: provide you with a spot of peace, not just quiet but deep chillness, in a world that seems more and more chaotic and random

  • CARE FOR YOU: give you a chance to catch your breath with every detail taken care of for you

  • LEAD YOU DEEPER: help you sink into a deeper state of consciousness to dream a new vision for your life

  • KNOW YOUR MOJO: help you understand what your personal mojo looks like, when you last had it, how you lost it or lose it, what blocks or depletes it, and how to get it back

  • AWAKEN YOUR MOJO: guide you through experiences to help you reawaken your mojo, confidence, connection to your own magic and take it back with you for your daily life

  • PROTECT YOUR MOJO: teach you how to spot when your mojo is being drained or depleted again, and how to pump it back up in an urban, hectic lifestyle until your next deep refill at another mojo retreat

  • FEEL COMMUNITY: make friends with like-minded women and feel community

  • RESTORE YOURSELF: get you plugged back into the Great Divine Feminine Mojoness to restore your energy, confidence, and all around juju

I feel like I’ve been away a month rather than a week. I do feel restored. I feel more alive, more awake after the retreat, ready to face my life, ready to make choices and pursue my life more actively than I have in the past. The Mojo Retreat is a wonderful experience. It is a great way to relax and restore. Kate provides a unique experience that other retreats can’t provide. What Kate teaches can be used in your daily life. They are life lessons that will help expand your perspective and your life, if you let it.

#soul #DivineFeminine #soultravelers


Online Learning Program

Online Learning Program

Online Mojo Learning Program

Every lesson comes with a video, a transcript to read along, and a PDF worksheet. There are 14 in total with 4 "Keep the Mojo Going" bonus audio tracks to extend your learning past the retreat to keep your mojo going! You gain access to the online learning program the moment you register so you do the program before the retreat. We will not be doing classes at the retreat. Instead we will be doing fun, hands-on exercises and discussions of what you learned and where you got stuck in the online learning, for maximum learning and restoration and delight!

Lesson 1: What is Mojo?
Lesson 2: Why is it important?
Lesson 3: How do you get it?
Lesson 4: How do you lose it?
Lesson 5: How do you restore or recharge it?
Lesson 6: When did you have mojo?
Lesson 7:  What depleted your mojo?


Lesson 8: What recharged your mojo?
Lesson 9: What is your relationship to your mojo?
Lesson 10: When did you last have your mojo running high?
Lesson 11: What depleted it then? What changed?
Lesson 12: What is currently blocking your mojo-part a?
Lesson 13: What is currently blocking your mojo-part b?
Lesson 14: What is currently blocking your mojo-part c?



Audio Downloads

  • Mojo Growing healing exercise

  • Gratitude lesson

  • Gratitude exercise

  • Wildest Dreams visualization

Keep The Mojo Going... 

Join the Mojo Learning Program Facebook Group to ask follow up questions after the retreat, share mojo-maintaining tips with fellow students, and coordinate travelling for the retreats with your fellow mojo-travellers!

Before the trip, my mojo was unsteady and in a lower period but the learning modules help me better understand my mojo and its highs and lows. The retreat not only boosted my current mojo level but also taught me tools to help me build higher mojo whenever I feel it start to slide. I really enjoyed the learning exercises and while the scenery and location added to the fun of studying, I also felt that I could take the lessons at home and continue to practice in my regular life. I feel more confident about my mojo and empowered to grow it myself.

#dream #rejuvenation #dreamtrips

Retreat Schedule

Retreat Schedule

You're here to relax and have fun! So all activities are optional. Get the most out of this retreat for you: if that means more sleep, more learning, more adventure, more chilling, or more pampering, you choose!

Daily Schedule*

8 am: Yoga on the beach- Kate hired a yoga teacher just for our group!

9 am: Daily Mojo Meditation

Daytime: Day’s adventure (see below) or have your own! Go sightseeing, swimming, lounging, or even napping!

Bonus! If you signed up for all the bonuses, book your massage/private yoga or pilates for one of the days. (see Bonuses below)

5-7: Mojo Lesson, get your online Mojo Learning Program questions answered, healing visualization or meditation exercise

8pm: Dinner!

Example Adventure Schedule*

Day 1: Arrive, unpack, get settled in, group dinner, group shamanic ceremony, lunch Q&A for those who came early

Day 2: Morning hike in forest with drumming exercise; evening tour of the town, shopping trip, where to get buttery baklava, the best souvlaki, and the secret best ice cream on the island

Day 3: Lunch picnic at archeological site of ancient temple with shamanic trance exercise and beautiful view of the island with amazing energy; later wine tasting

Day 4: Morning divination exercise; Greek cooking, language, and dance class- learn how to cook it and say it in Greek! Then we eat, drink, & dance!

Day 5: Bicycle trip through island to remote beaches and lunch at a distant seaside restaurant; evening shamanic exercise

Day 6: Fishing boat to distant private swimming alcoves & leisurely lunch on the boat; group discussion and sharing

Day 7: Drinks over the best sunset in Poros, group dinner, and group shamanic ceremony

*Being Greece, all plans are subject to change, but if we can’t do that exact activity, we’ll do something similar or as fun! Plus, Kate has a few surprises up her sleeve and will plan based on the interests and level of activeness of the group.

Legacy Mojo Trippers

You came last year? Don’t worry Legacy Mojo Tripper (that’s what I’m calling you wonderful folk), this won’t be the exact same thing as last year and you will not be bored. Your favorite activities are back and new ones have been added. With the online program expanding, there will be more time for fun and relaxation. The adventures are also more mojorific. Also new online learning material, new places on the island you didn’t know existed, new make-your-own-adventure recommendations. Guaranteed you won’t be able to try out everything new on this trip!

Make Your Own Adventure

Don’t feel like joining a particular adventure that day? Make your own adventure! Visit horses, go parasailing, go flirting, get a pedicure, go souvenir shopping, go inner tubing, find a Greek Night, visit the peaceful monastery, or go to the town’s nightclub, it’s up to you!

I will keep the learning alive upon my return home to create a more engaged life. This was a rare opportunity to feel good, enjoy, learn and grow my mojo. All of my needs and wants were looked after without my asking or came easily once I asked. The location was beautiful with a great energy and I participated in a variety of activities. I am fully rejuvenated and looking forward to next year’s mojo retreat!

#Adventure #Funwiththegirls


Trip Leader

Trip Leader

Kate Opashinov has been a licensed psychotherapist, a career coach, professional intuitive and business consultant for 19 years. She has taught literally thousands of students and dozens of different classes on personal growth topics live and is about to take her four year, comprehensive Intuition for Life Program online for her international fans. She specializes in trained intuition and her tribe is composed of intuitive, sensitive, kickass, amazing women who want to change their world and make a difference. For more info on Kate's professional experience, click here.

She has taught workshops in Greece and other countries so she knows about the challenges of holding retreats abroad and what it takes to make visiting students welcome and comfortable. And since she has travelled extensively in Greece, she makes an excellent host there, familiar with local customs etc..

The most important thing to her as a teacher is to deliver customized content to her students in whatever personal language will make sense to them and deliver them applicable techniques that do the heavy lifting for them in their lives. 

And the most important thing to her as a retreat facilitator is the comfort and enjoyment of her guests.

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Basic Luxury Inclusions

Gorgeous Location

  • 7 nights at a beautiful hotel in a fabulous location

  • individual private room and bathroom*

  • fridge in your room and market nearby for people who like snacks or specialized diet or on a budget

  • private beach steps from your hotel room with beach service, umbrellas, loungers

Juicy Transformation

  • full online learning that accompanies the retreat on getting your mojo back in audio, video, and written form, delivered upon registration. The Mojo Online Learning Program is valued at $1000. See below for full description on this comprehensive program.

  • opening shamanic invocation and closing ceremony with medium Kate Opashinov

  • 7 days of expert facilitation with experienced workshop leader, intuitive, and career & business coach Kate Opashinov

  • experiential exploration with meditations, visualizations, and rituals to invoke your deeper dream mind, vision, and internal guidance

  • 7 days of juicy cultural fun and life-flirting with classes, tours, and, essential nature time

Fantastic Perks

  • 3 meals: opening and closing night group dinners + one Greek cooking class where we eat what we made!

  • all daily adventures and any transportation required for them

  • opportunity to come earlier or stay later to extend your trip with planning help from local Greek guide and travel expert

  • networking of small group size of exclusively picked like-minded mojo women

  • if enough women arrive in Athens early, Kate will take you on a tour of the best shopping, dining, and night out in Athens!

See below for gorgeous Bonuses and crazy Discounts…

What's not included & Why

  • all of your meals except for three dinners see above (because some people eat and drink more than others, average breakfast 5-10Euros, average lunch 5-15Euros, average dinner 8-20Euros)

  • your flight and ferry rides* (unless you sign up for the full bonus package that includes transportation from the airport to the island)

  • any souvenirs or extras you care to purchase (Kate can make recommendations where to buy what for best value


#recharge #soultribe


Bonuses & Discounts

Bonuses & Discounts

3 bonuses.jpg

Triple Bonus

Register by March 1st and pay in full to get these bonuses:

+EARLY BIRD crazy discount of $500 off!

+One session with Kate, any session within 3 months of retreat, get your questions answered (valued at: personal session $200, reading $300, healing $400 (only available in Greece), career coaching $400, business manifestation consulting $600, but you can pick any)

+private pickup (with fellow Mojo Retreaters) from airport to ferry port and port ticket all waiting for you, paid already, with your name on it

+massage during the retreat with olive oil products with female professional masseuse OR private yoga or pilates session with female teacher* (being Greece, this may be subject to change, but in the event that the masseuse goes missing, something equivalent that you love will be provided for you!)

2 bonuses.jpg

Double Bonus

Register by March 15th, 2019 and pay in full for these bonuses:

+discount of $250

+One session with Kate, any session within 3 months of retreat, get your questions answered (valued at: personal session $200, reading $300, healing $400 (only available in Greece), career coaching $400, business manifestation consulting $600, but you can pick any)

+private pickup in town car from airport to ferry port and port ticket all waiting for you, paid already, with your name on it

Other Deals

ROOMMATE SPECIAL: two people who Kate already knows, don’t mind bunking together, but need a bit of a price break

STRAGGLERS SPECIAL: March 16th- May 31st, 2019 save $200 (no bonuses)

BRING A FRIEND, GET $ BACK! And if you need a price break, recommend a friend who is also a perfect fit for this retreat and if she signs up, you get $250 off your retreat fee! Remember, Kate can't already know that friend, that would be cheating ;) She has to be brand new to MojoNation and Kate and be a fit (see interview below).

LEGACY DISCOUNT: to encourage community by growing our Mojo Retreat group every year to turn into a yearly reunion/recharge, those who have come the last year are considered “Legacy Mojo Trippers” and get a discount of $200 automatically!* (*Not combined with Early Bird $500 discount, choose one or the other).


#MojoRetreat #Pampering




UPDATE: A few spots left! Read on below how to grab one…

HOW TO REGISTER: Since this is not a perfect fit for everybody and Kate wants to give the spots to the people will get the most out of this delicious retreat, let's have a chat so we can see if this is a beautiful fit. The purpose is for you to feel her out, ask any question you want, and to tell her what you're hoping for, what's holding you back, what you need and what you want out of this retreat and out of your mojo. In turn she will get a sense of where you are at and whether this retreat has your name on it or if another retreat or workshop will serve you more. She wants this to be a perfect fit for you!