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Intuitive Services

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Below is a cross-comparison of each service with a link in blue to a more detailed explanation of each service. We recommend always starting with an Intuitive Reading as a supercharged precursor to any of her other services or classes. Please note that due to the high demand on her services and her gearing up to release her first book and online program, aside from intuitive readings Kate is only taking Career Counseling clients and new Making Shit Happen Business Manifestation students. Also please note that Intuitive Healings are by invitation only now. 

Intuitive Readings are ideal when you want to initiate a deeper process of knowing yourself, revealing your gifts and what blocks those gifts, or when you are at a crossroads in your life. An intuitive reading is like getting a blueprint of yourself, understanding how you are built, and like getting a map for your life to give you direction, help you avoid pitfalls, and see the bigger picture.

In an intuitive reading session, Kate will download information using her Precision Intuition Method© for approximately 10 min. and then she will explain everything she just downloaded for approximately 45-60 min. After that, most of the questions you were going to ask will have already been answered but you can ask any remaining specific questions. Readings ideally once a year, maybe twice a year if your life is changing at a rapid pace, and often a reading can be once every two years or so. If you want to see Kate more often than twice a year, check out Intuitive Counselling below. So an intuitive reading session is more about you getting information and then taking it solo from there.

Intuitive Readings are perfect as a precursor to Intuitive Business Consulting,  Intuitive Counselling (see below) with Kate, and/or as a precursor to Kate's Intuition for Life Program©. Also perfect for those who have already done therapy, or are currently in therapy with someone else and need something broader in perspective and more personalized.

The information Kate provided was incredibly accurate, relevant, and even surprising. She revealed things to me unknown to my conscious mind and for that I am truly grateful. Kate literally felt what I was feeling both physically, and emotionally. I felt validated, supported, and like I was part of something quite special and even magical. She respected my wishes (spoken and even unspoken) and went as far into the reading as I was comfortable.
— Stephanie A.

Intuitive Business Consulting is ideal when you are doing everything right in your business or career, or at least, everything you can think of and still it's just not coming together. There are likely psychological, emotional, and energetic blocks that are messing with your plans and dreams. There may also be skill gaps that are in your blind spot and that need to be identified in the consulting process. A session will uncover blocks, rewrite old and non-functional operating scripts, build necessary skills, strengthen necessary energies, and strategically plan, all in vigorous pursuit of your goals. Intuitive business consulting is where psychology intersects with manifestation and intuition personal training, and of course, business consulting. They deliver results that business consulting alone cannot deliver. An intuitive reading is a good precursor to intuitive business consulting to discover your gifts and deeper blockages in one session so you can hit the ground running in intuitive business consulting sessions.

The Making Shit Happen Business Manifestation Program will be doing all this and much more both with individual attention and group support, and is both psychological and with solid business business training perfect for solopreneurs, cultural creatives, and small holistic businesses. Click here for the full scoop and for to grab one of the very limited spots and a discount in the beta version test group.

Working with Kate has allowed me to achieve things I never thought possible in my wildest dreams. Though the process was extremely difficult work, she helped me to navigate it with skill and compassion and the results have been phenomenal. At the same time, she helped me to heal my family, a priceless gift. Kate combines the skills of a therapist with the talents of an intuitive, a powerful combination that is unbeatable for achieving the results you truly want. If you do the work required, she will show you the avenues towards a truly greater life.
— Mary, hedge fund manager

Intuitive Counselling is the process of taking that map from an intuitive reading session and now beginning to navigate your way back home and having a psychological counsellor with you is like having a guide to point out the options and consequences of those options, to celebrate your triumphs in your journey, and to help you to explore the challenging parts of your journey with a thorough knowledge of the landscape of the internal world of the psyche and the heart. These sessions are a cross between re-learning how a healthy relationship functions and how you function in it and having a guide in your internal journey. Adding intuition to that just makes things faster, easier, more heart and body centered, and more dynamic. What can take multiple sessions of regular therapy alone, can take only when employing Kate's powerful intuition, straight talk, and humor.

Intuitive Counselling sessions are most often weekly or bi-weekly, and much later on when you have learned how to navigate your internal world of feelings and defense mechanisms and boundaries for yourself, you may go less often or only when stuck or for confirmation. Sessions are one hour and are perfect for those who need ongoing support and/or guidance, who are looking to make long-term, radical, sustained healing and change in their life. An Intuitive Reading session is a map of your inner world, your past present, and your potential future; by contrast, intuitive counselling is like a cross between a home renovation and a guided journey with a sherpa. Accordingly, Kate does more of the talking in an intuitive reading session, and you do more talking in intuitive counselling sessions. If you need someone to hear you out, to reflect back to you, to give you a different perspective by asking you questions that open everything up, to offer you an unbiased ear but still always advocate on your behalf, then intuitive counselling is for you now.

I had an emotional breakdown and was experiencing difficulties functioning in my personal and professional life, so I sought the assistance of two “mainstream” therapists. The traditional talk therapy methods they employed did not address the energetic roots of my emotional issues.

I am very satisfied with the progress I have made in my mental, emotional, and spiritual well being; that is why I keep coming back for more. I employ Kate’s techniques for my life on a daily basis, and feel grounded and comfortable with myself as a result. Her energy based therapy works. It is a breath of fresh air compared to traditional talk therapy.
— L.