quality client care:

clients' comfort is the main priority from booking to post-session/workshop, everything from tea in the waiting room, blankets and pillows in the studio, to answering questions from students from years ago, and all the other measures below, I am committed to sticking by my clients and students as long as they are committed to learning and healing

excellent customer service:

48 hour response time on standard email correspondence, fair booking policies, extremely competitive pricing on products, generous return/exchange policies, I am committed to treating others with the high level of customer service that I like to be treated with


respond to students' feedback and requests in co-creating product and teaching offerings; just recently changed the format of IC's Intuition for Life program to double the content and class time for the same price based on feedback and suggestions from students, decisions made in class are often democratic and I follow a teaching style of "you lead, I follow" based on the class' learning needs shaping the class with me adapting to them


take the guesswork out of the process of booking an appointment, a class, a workshop, or buying a product by having as much information up front as the client or student needs; free and low-cost learning options for widespread accessibility, weekend hours for appointments, phone and skype appointments available, class payment plans for those with financial need, products priced anywhere from 10-35% less than others' pricing, and various learning offerings at different price points to fit any budget; LGBT? positive, pan-inclusive regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, sexuality, or ability; unfortunately Intuitive Centre where I practice has stairs and will present a problem for anyone who is in a wheelchair, otherwise inclusive and welcoming of all people with physical disabilities; simply let me know in advance of any concerns and how I can accommodate them

service and raising the standards of the field:

been in practice for 18 years, teaching for 17 years, setting high standards with a 4 year comprehensive intuition personal development program, and tons of free content planned to roll out in 2017