"Kate is absolutely outstanding in her work, and it is worthwhile to work hard to metabolize the very high volume of material that she is sharing. She is intense, and I like to record our sessions to get the full benefit, as it is more than I can absorb at one time. She was able to point out more options for the future that flowed from the current situation, and strategies to get there. She also provided some tactical advice that I did not even identify that I needed, and the issue she foresaw did come up!

Kate is highly intuitive, so the conversation goes in helpful directions that she initiates based on listening to me. She checks in regularly to make sure that the new direction is useful, and that I am in agreement.  Kate helps me to move past my comfort zone, and only as far as I am ready to go (well, maybe a little further).  There are several times when her advice/predictions are 100% accurate.

It’s career counselling plus help with self-awareness plus advocacy plus cheerleading plus blind spot illumination." Laura M.- Senior Manager, Employee Relations"

“I was feeling stuck in the stage I am at in my career.  I knew Kate could help me get over the energetic hurdles that were holding me back. She covered both strategic and tactical with me. 

I left our session with a big picture view of what I am working towards as well as specific steps to take to help me get to the next stage. My session was thoughtful, engaging, and inspirational and included examples to provide clarity. I am now motivated to leap into my project and am confident with what needed to be done.” -Stephanie F., Human Resources Leader