Services Policies

Booking an Appointment

  • All bookings can be made through the website, Kate’s Facebook page “Book Now” button.

  • All appointments are available via Facebook Messenger Videocall, Skype, or GoogleChat, other video chat provider, or over the phone and have to be pre-paid via etransfer or through online booking.

  • In-person sessions are only at her retreats.

  • Readings are the first appointment of the day.

  • She does not take evening appointments but does take weekend appointments to accommodate those with Monday-Friday 9-5 schedules.

  • All appointments for any service must be booked by the person who will be receiving the service; so appointment booking requests of parents/siblings/friends/etc for someone else will not be booked. This is to ensure that whoever is receiving the service has demonstrated the requisite volition and engagement in their own process of self-discovery and is not there because of any family or friends' pressure.

  • In the event of client misconduct (abusiveness, payment failure, no shows, violation of policies etc.) Kate Opashinov reserves the right to refuse service and not refund or refund any fees paid.

Rescheduling an Appointment

  • Repeated Rescheduling Policy: Rescheduling manually booked appointments (appointments NOT booked through online payment software, but booked via email with her assistant) more than once may be subject to a $30 administrative fee and payment in advance without refund for cancellation or rescheduling.

  • Timely Notice Policy: Failure to give 3 days/ 72 hours notice will result in the full session fee being charged and not refunded.

  • Have-a-Heart Policy: These fees and policies will be gladly waived in the event of a serious emergency (ex. car accident, fire, serious medical etc.) for you and or someone under your care (elderly parent or child) with documentation.

Phone Calls

  • Kate is generally not available by phone for questions or booking in order to provide better quality service and learning. You can get more info about services, book, reschedule, pay, and get a receipt through her online booking through her website.

  • Booking for ongoing appointments as packages of 10 sessions are booked via email directly. Please note “Repeated Rescheduling Policy”.

  • Emails are answered usually within 48 hours and are the best way to reach Kate and the only way her appointments are booked.

  • Kate requires your phone number for booked appointments in the rare event she has an emergency and needs to reschedule or if you are running late.

  • For an emergency appointment, contact her by email (not phone) to see when she can squeeze you in that day. Please note that booked emergency appointments are double the fee since she has to rearrange her busy schedule to accommodate you same day short notice. If the problem can be resolved within five minutes on the phone, the session time is free, however it is a courtesy call and not something done frequently. After the 5 complementary minutes, all time is prorated to the minute x2 including the initial 5 minutes. Calling her outside of 9-6pm is strictly prohibited unless otherwise previously arranged via email. Call 311 for appropriate emergency numbers instead or contact Kate's assistant via email asking for the emergency references.


  • Via etransfer or through online booking with credit card BEFORE the session in full.

  • Kate has a very busy schedule so if you want extra session time, please be prepared to pay the extra amount pro-rated to the minute. Kate has been known to be generous with her time (when she has it) but please do not abuse her generosity and take extra time without understanding that it requires payment.


  • If you have a specific question, your best response will be given in a booked appointment.

    • If you wish to ask her a general question we recommend that you join her Facebook group and ask it there. She will happily answer your question there!

  • If you have lots of questions, then check out her many learning resources from classes to free learning webinars.

Information Privacy Policy

In regards to client and student information, all efforts are made to ensure the privacy of clients' and students' information in accordance with PHIPA (Personal Health Information Act) and PIPEDA (Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act) from locked away client notes to firewall, virus, and password protected electronic information.

Regarding Kate's emailing list, please be assured your personal information will never be sold, traded, rented, exchanged or otherwise shared with any other person, company or organization. You can take yourself off the mailing list at any time. Mailchimp is the mailing company that manages Intuitive Centre and Kate Opashinov’s list and has its own serious digital protection from hacking and stringent anti-spam policies in accordance with GDPR.

All reading recordings are erased one week after your reading to ensure no copies will exist other than your own. For this reason, it is advised that you review your reading within the first week to ensure your recording doesn't need a replacement before its erasure date.


All readings and healings are followed up by an emailed feedback form to give you the opportunity to provide feedback. All psychotherapy, intuitive counseling, and intuitive business consulting sessions are followed by the questions "Was that helpful today? Did we cover what you wanted? Is there anything outstanding that wasn’t addressed?" and the invitation to give feedback and have follow up of your own. Accordingly, all concerns are addressed in the way the client finds most comfortable until resolved within the parameters of Kate's practice. Additionally, feedback is always welcome via email if that helps a client feel more anonymous.


If you feel that Kate has not fulfilled what you anticipated receiving in any service, class, or product, please voice your complaint along with any ideas you have for satisfaction to Kate and she will work cooperatively with you to find a solution. Kate stakes her reputation on delivering a consistent level of high quality customer care and satisfaction and so is committed to any dispute resolution and where any doubt exists as to responsibility in a conflict will usually err on the side of the client for the sake of upholding the spirit of service she believes should be applied to intuition as much as any other regulated professional service.


Kate is committed to an inclusive environment and accessibility, welcoming all people regardless of age, sex, gender, orientation, ethnicity, belief, ability or anything else. She is committed to do everything within her power to make that possible at all times. Taking her business completely online (all sessions are via phone/video chat) makes it more physically accessible to people. She also aims to have a variety of services, learning resources, and products at a variety of prices, and sometimes free, to make her work accessible to all regardless of economic circumstances. When she cannot offer the requested service at the requested price and when she has a viable option to refer someone to, she always does in an effort to help.

If you have any questions about access to her retreats, website, services, or information, please email us and she will do everything she can to welcome you into her community.