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Kate uses no tarot cards or divination tools, since her talent, training, and experience do not require any to deliver incredibly detailed and accurate results. She is a pan-intuitive channeling, empathic medium, meaning she can emotionally feel, physically sense, visually perceive, and even hear her client’s inner world. She can see the past, present, future, the living and dead in your life, inside your body, your heart, mind, and career. She’s the real deal! So don’t hold back, ask anything you want for your healing and growth.

Below are the four types of readings she offers. Each is the perfect starting session to a path of growth for yu. Choose which reading is right for you now.

Life Readings

Reading for: just you, not your work

Perfect for: someone struggling with knowing themself, their relationships, their life, their health, future

Precursor to: Intuitive Counselling

It will cover: your unique core “essence”, your superpower and personal kryptonite, past, present, future, challenges, wounds, how you can heal, grow, harness your gifts, relationships, romance, family, friends, those who have passed on, health, body, sexuality, spirituality. More info…

Career Readings

Reading for: your career, not your business

Perfect for: someone struggling with the destiny or purpose

Precursor to: Intuitive Career Consulting

It will cover: your unique gifts and talents in relation to your work, your soul’s path, if you are currently on your path or not, how close or far, what can be done, specific career options for you, work dynamics, a predictive forecast of what’s to come, and homework to make your best potential outcome happen. More info…

Business Readings

Reading for: your business and

Perfect for: a struggling business, where everything should be working but somehow isn’t

Precursor to: Intuitive Business Consulting

It will cover: the energetic “character” of your business, your relationship to your business, what’s working, what’s not, how to make it work, the life your business has taken on and what direction it can go in, how to get the maximum healing, growth, and success out of your business. More info…

Health Readings

Reading for: your body, health, and healing

Perfect for: someone who struggling with a mysterious illness or condition

Precursor to: Intuitive Counselling

It will cover: what is going on in your body now, emotional/ psychological/ physical/ energetic/ spiritual/ environmental causes and effects on your body, recommended courses of inquiry into treatments, missing elements of your current perspective towards healing current condition. More info…

It was deeply insightful, meaningful and the most effective life coaching session I have ever experienced. It provided clarity, as well as a blueprint or roadmap to follow in moving forward. I understand the gifts my maker gave me, and consciously understand and appreciate for the very first time, what I need to work on in my life, and how to go about making better, healthier life choices.
— Katherine, reading client

Here are some of the things that may come up in an intuitive reading:

  • Are you struggling with personal relationships, family, friends, romance?

  • Are you wondering what your true nature is, your essence?

  • Do you know what your main personal vulnerabilities are?

  • Do you know what your main coping and defense mechanisms are?

  • Do you feel like your intuition or sensitivity is causing problems in your life?

  • Are you wondering about your health?

  • Are you worried about money (not career)?

  • Are you considering a major life move like moving, divorce, marriage, birth, adoption, moving in with someone?

  • Are you wondering about a loved one? Alive or passed over?

  • Are you struggling with your career, business or work purpose?

  • Are you struggling to know or own your talents and maximize their potential?

  • Do you feel like you lost your personal magic, your power and inspiration, your mojo?

  • Are you not manifesting out your patootie whatever is your heart's joy and feel kind of bleh or undercharged?

  • Do you have a problem with a co-worker/s that is mystifying or has become unmanageable and a need a unique and powerful insight?

  • Have you been waiting for a promotion forever even though you are eminently qualified?

  • Are you even in the right career for your talent, joy, and work purpose?


All intuitive readings sessions are the first appointment of the day, so that Kate can have a fresh "read" on the person before the rest of the day's energies flood in. After 19 years of doing readings in person, Kate is finally taking everything online and only does readings over video chat or phone now. This way she can serve more people, her loyal clients abroad don’t have to fly in anymore just to see her, and you can do your reading in the comfort of your own home!

Each reading is a precursor to a particular growth path. Want to move forward in your career? Book the Career Reading and then a Career Consulting package to make it happen rapidly. Want to resolve old pains in your heart, get answers to questions in your life and relationships, know your unique gifts and essence, heal, and move forward with your life? Book a Life Reading and then begin Intuitive Counselling with Kate to make it happen more easily for you. Want your business to flow more, be more profitable, less stressful? Everything is good in theory but your business doesn’t work flow maximally? Want solid business advice and piercing insight? Book a Business Reading and then get Kate to do Intuitive Business Consulting to make it happen more efficiently for you before your business starts to bleed out or bleed you out.

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