Business Consulting Money Back Guarantee

  • Here's the deal: You send me what goals you want to hit within a 10 hour work contract and I will send back what I think I can guarantee deliver, we sign on it, and I begin work. If I don't hit the goals I promised in those 10 hours (assuming your full cooperation, doing your homework etc.), then money back. Yes, it's a crazy offer but I stand behind my work and have made this offer before and delivered. What makes it less crazy is that I will not promise you changing your whole world in 10 hours. I will assess what I think I can realistically pull off in 10 hours and then deliver it. It's a simple, honest, guarantee.

Retreat Payment & Return Policy

  • All payments in any amount are non-refundable; the only exception being death or incapacitating illness with medical documentation and up to the discretion of Kate Opashinov

  • Participants may cancel but do not qualify for and will not receive any refund

  • Each participant’s safety is ultimately thier own responsibility.

  • Participants are responsible for their own air travel and ground travel to and from the hotel

  • Participants are responsible for their own health and travelling on the trip so it is required for participants to purchase traveller's and health insurance, and remember to bring your passport and and necessary documents and photocopies of them in case of any unfortunate incident.

  • All meals except two are the responsibility of the participant

  • For a complete list of inclusions and exclusions, see retreat page

  • If Kate has to cancel the retreat due to illness, emergency, or any other critical factors (change in the country or airline service etc.) she will refund 100% of all your fees AND you get to keep your free session if you qualified for the Triple Bonus package, however, Kate is not responsible for your airline ticket fees or any other expenses incurred. For this reason, we strongly recommend that all retreat participants buy refundable airplane tickets and traveller's insurance including medical and trip interruption and cancellation insurance.

  • All payments must be done by etransfer to qualify for the bonuses listed on the retreat page. Payment by credit card is possible, if you pay the retreat fee plus the credit card fee incurred to be arranged with Kate or her assistant. If you would like to pay installments, only two installments will be possible and only with a contract that legally binds you to paying both installments whether you attend or not, whether you wish to cancel or not, with no refund or partial payment possible no matter what.

Products Returns & Exchanges Policy

  • All products (with the exception of gift certificates) can be paid by cash (exact change) or credit card in studio.

  • All payments are to be made in Canadian funds or current exchange rate.

  • There are no refunds on gift certificates so we advise that you make sure the person you are gifting wants the service you would be gifting. There are however, exchanges. Within 30 days of the gift certificate purchase, you can either switch the recipient name to yours or get a credit toward another purchase or service. You can switch the gift certificate recipient's name to someone other than the original recipient or you the purchaser for an additional $10 administrative fee paid in advance via etransfer or credit card.

  • All learning cds, smudges, or liquid smudges are exchangeable if they are defective within a week of purchase. They will be exchanged for a functioning, non-defective identical item or a full refund will be given if the item is not in stock for replacement.

  • If your aromatherapy diffuser or karma chair breaks within the first six months of use, please contact us and we will do everything possible to get a replacement from our distributor but we cannot guarantee a replacement or refund. If however, it happens within a week, we guarantee a replacement, (if out of stock for equal or higher value merchandise), credit note, or a full refund in the form of payment received.

  • No refunds are possible for the liquid smudges.

  • Exchanges are subject to the discretion of IC director Kate Opashinov.

IC Workshop Payment & Return Policies

  • Life Program online full series workshops can only be refunded in full before the student is sent their login and password minus a $50 administrative fee, and can only be refunded 50% off up to the first module.

  • In the event of student misconduct (class disruptiveness, abusiveness, conflicts with fellow students or facilitator, missed payments, anything that undermines the learning environment for fellow students, etc.) Kate Opashinov reserves the right to refuse classes/ services without refunding any fees paid. However, in the spirit of fairness, a warning will first be given to the student to have a chance to turn things around.

  • If any workshop has to be cancelled due to under-enrollment, facilitator illness, or any miscellaneous emergency on IC's or the facilitator's part, all registration fees will be returned to registrants 100% within two weeks of the cancellation.

  • If an applicant does not gain admission to the Intuition for Life Program, their entire payment will be returned to them by mailing their payment cheque/s back to them uncashed before the first class.