Terms & Conditions

  • All IC classes are to be paid by cheque or credit card or PayPal (when an option made available). All items can be paid for by credit card or cash and picked up at the studio in session or workshop.
  • All Drop-in Classes are to be paid in cash at the workshop.
  • All IC Intro Classes are to be paid in advance by PayPal through the KO or IC websites or in cash at the dor when space permits.
  • All Class Passes are to be paid by cash or credit card, to be used by expiration date, and are non-transferable. Any discrepancies between student and KO/IC records will be settled in deference to KO/IC's records.
  • All payments are to be made in Canadian funds or processed at the current exchange rate.
  • Kate Opashinov reserves the right to refuse service and refund any fees paid.
  • All counseling and shamanic healing appointments require at least 48 hours cancellation or you will be charged the full amount for the session and the administration fees.
  • All intuitive counselling sessions require one week cancellation or you will be charged the full amount for the session and the administration fees. Failure to pay the incurring fee will result in refusal of a re-booking with Kate or with any practitioner at Intuitive Centre or graduate of Intuitive Centre.
  • All efforts are made to make the refund policy, and terms and conditions of payment as reasonable and cooperative as possible in exceptional circumstances (ie. serious illness, emergency etc.).
  • Due to the nature of technical equipment, Kate Opashinov cannot and does not guarantee that audio recordings will be continuous, static-free, or fault-free.  Every effort is made to provide the best possible recording from a professional-grade microphone to sound engineering software but the energy of the readings can alter the recording and so refunds, discounts, re-recording, or re-doing a session is not possible or available. Intuitive Counselling readings include an add-on bonus of a recording of the session (on your usb key or a purchased IC usb key). The recording is considered a complimentary service and as such refunds or re-recordings are not possible.The session fee is for the service provided in the moment and not payment for the recording.


  • Any workshops that specify the specific refund terms for each of them on their respective registration pages will be the policy that is applied.
  • If any workshop has to be cancelled due to under-enrollment, facilitator illness, or any miscellaneous emergency on IC's or the facilitator's part, all registration fees will be returned to registrants 100%.
  • All IC intro classes can be refunded in full minus the administration fee of $10 up to 2 days before the class begins and issued by IC in cash or cheque.
  • All learning cds, smudges, or liquid smudges are exchangeable if they are defective within a week of purchase. They will be exchanged for a functioning, non-defective identical item. No refunds are possible for liquid smudges. Exchanges are subject to the discretion of Kate Opashinov.


All efforts are made to ensure the privacy of clients and students.  Your personal information will never be sold, traded, rented, exchanged or otherwise shared with any other person, company, or organization. You can take yourself off the mailing list at any time. Emma is the mailing company that manages Kate's list and has its own very firm privacy policy. All reading recordings are erased one week after your reading to ensure no copies will exist other than your own. For this reason, it is advised that you review your reading within the first week to ensure your recording doesn't need a replacement before its erasure date.