What students are saying...

"The Intuition for Life program is absolutely fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive classes -- the exercises that we could practice day and night; the great books to read; and all the practice and learning in class under Kate's skilled direction. I’m still completely blown away by how much fun I had; the friends I made; and most importantly, how much I learned and was able to immediately apply to my day-to-day life. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Kate personally. She's an incredible teacher and shaman. I’ve never met anyone like her in my life. Her skill and talents cannot be expressed in mere words. To appreciate Kate, one must study under her direction! Thank you so much Kate for offering your classes to those who are serious about learning intuition – you’re way beyond even “Master” status. 

To those considering this course I have these words for you -- If you are serious about learning intuition for life, then this is the course for you! You will want to learn from Kate Opashinov before this incredibly talented shaman one day retires – so sign up now! You won’t regret it, and you’ll be learning from the best of the best."-Jane F., a Levels 1-3 graduate

“Truly life-altering….  Despite years of cognitive behavioural therapy, in terms of understanding myself and my behaviour patterns, I was still living in a maze in the dark.  Thanks to Kate’s course, although I have not yet emerged from the maze, I now have a flashlight and a map, a direction and a purpose.  I am exploring new gifts.  I am making changes to self-limiting behaviour patterns unknowingly instilled in childhood, which no longer serve me. I am catching glimpses of the kind of joy and inner peace that I have long been seeking.  Classes include dense content material coupled with exercises designed to explore our emotions and behaviours, all under Kate’s compassionate and perceptive guidance.  I just wish I had been able to take this course decades ago!!"- Anne H. Levels 1-4 graduate

I found Kate’s instruction to be excellent. Kate is very energetic when teaching the class.
— Allen W., intro student

"I am a woman in my mid-60s. I am happily married, well-educated and financially secure. So on the outside, I am well put together. However, my whole life, I have wondered, "Why am I not at peace? Why do I do the things I do that are hurtful to myself and others?"  I have read many self-help books, seen a psychiatrist, and talked to friendsabout life and problems. It was not until I took level one with Kate that the "pennies started to drop", as they say. So many questions got answered.  Kate is a natural teacher. She combines her extensive knowledge with her wonderful sense of humour, and the result is dynamic. Class always contains many activities that allow for self reflection and guided growth. Each module comes with audio tapes and exercises to support the curriculum.  I use them at home over and over to reinforce and explore what we learned in class on a personal level.  I am proof that, with the right teacher, you are never too old to find your personal truth and peace. After taking Kate's course twice, I not only look at myself in a more positive way, but also all those around me." -Cari Levels 1-4 graduate                           

An ethereal experience with lots of fun thrown in. A euphoric good time!
— John N., intro student

"I had been doing classes in meditations and bettering my relationships for about a year. They were great, but the instructor wasn't getting quite at what I wanted to explore, which was intuition. Having signed up for Kate's Intuition for Life level one, I didn't get right into the meat of intuition as I had hoped, but I have continued to delve deeper into the understanding of my interactions with others and who I am as a person. I now understand how this has created the foundation for me to start my intuitive work. The content is extremely interesting and the class has gelled fantastically. Kate is a knowledgable professional, who has fostered a space of safety and trust amongst the class members. Funny, engaging and sometimes brutally honest, she is an excellent teacher. If you want to open up your life and truly start living it, instead of being stuck in patterns, this is the class for you." -Chantal Levels 1-4 graduate, wrote this during level 2

"When I think of this class, I think of the Serenity Prayer - grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  For me this class answered all three of these questions.

I started these classes because I was unhappy with what was happening in my life and wanted things to change.  My career had stalled, I was romantically unattached and found many of my personal and family relationships to be frustrating or unfulfilling.  This course helped me to see where I was the problem and inspired and encouraged me each week to change for the positive.  It also helped me to see what was out of my control and never going to change, giving me the presence to either accept it or let it go.

While there are no tests or grades, this is a challenging program but I can fully attest that if you want a change in your life (or several changes if you are like me) and you are willing to do the work, this course will give you all the tools to make it happen!  This is my third year of taking courses through the Intuitive Centre and I can't wait to start my fourth!" -Stephanie, Levels 1-4 graduate

The class helped me ‘open up’ more to my internal voice.
— Sue R., intro student

“What has the IC Program given me? A better sense of who I am, why I do the things I do, what I believe in, and what I want.  These seem like simple things on the surface, but it is probably the hardest questions I've had to answer.  To truly know yourself and how you tick is a wonderful gift from the program.  It is an awakening of your consciousness.  To know that you are no longer a victim, or a child or slave to your whims or those of others, but you are responsible for your own life and you have choices and can choose how you want to react or what you want to do in every situation is empowering.  As Kate said to us repeatedly, "You are the author of your own lives."  It is a healing like no other.  

Once you uncover this, you wonder what else?  L3 and 4 helps you follow you dreams.  How many of us wish we were doing something else but are afraid to pursue it?  The manifestation principles that Kate provides in L3 and 4 really work.  She makes all this stuff accessible, easy to digest, and practical, which is a gift in itself.  

I wish this program existed years ago when I was younger; imagine the possibilities?  I am thankful I was able to take all four levels with Kate.  She is compassionate, wise, funny, and a great teacher.  Word of advice, you get what you put into the program.  It's not always an easy ride, but well worth the investment in yourself.” - Alice L. , Levels 1-4 graduate

“You learn so much about yourself, about people, about how to grow and change and how to maintain that growth for the rest of your life.  Each level of the program progresses to bring you more and more clarity.  

It’s an amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best teachers I’ve ever met.  Friendly, genuine, honest, wise, insightful, and so accessible and clear – you get so much from this course that it cannot all even be put into words.  

Thank you, Kate, for showing me a way to live in harmony with the flow of life and for showing me a path to myself and self acceptance.  I encourage anyone that feels the pull to this class to jump in with both feet and get all that is on offer – it is a life changing experience.” Lidia B., Levels 1-4 graduate

This has been very exciting to attend. I found out so much more about myself than I knew!
— Lesley L., intro student

“The group of people at the workshop helped create a safe and calm environment. And Kate moved the group from one exercise to the other smoothly, giving each one of us the time we needed to explain and explore ourselves. Kate being attentive to each one of us, I think made us all feel very special and heard (I know I did). I left the workshop feeling a deep sense of calm but also feeling aware, energized and more appreciative of our beautiful planet.” Jessie H., intro student

“Hi Kate, just wanted to thank you again for the terrific workshop. I feel I learned such a lot and have been left wanting to learn much more, which is great. I really feel good about the reading you did too and will be back for another sometime. Thanks again." Elaine B., intro student

Kate’s workshop helped me to find a deeper understanding with myself and my role in the world around me, and I am already looking forward to the next one!
— Sarah W., intro student

“The workshop was very interesting and helped me increase my knowledge about intuition in general, and ways to try to develop it. Kate's knowledge, practical experience, enthusiasm, energy, and fun and down to earth teaching style made the class very enjoyable. I'd recommend the class to anyone interested in exploring intuition further.” Lee K., intro student

"I attended Kate's intuition workshop, and from that point on, I was able to use the skills she taught me in real life situations and to trust my instincts. She made me understand that I could make pro-active decisions and be true to myself at the same time. Moreover, after having a few 1-to-1 sessions, Kate provided me with a mirror upon which to view myself, to see what cross-roads were at the present time and what options I had ahead of me. I managed my life using her guidance and foresight, and I wouldn't be where I am without her help. Thank you Kate." Rahim M., intro student

Kate’s fun, relaxed and insightful; open to comments and different opinions. I really enjoyed the class and would like to go deeper. I want to know more!
— Jessica H., intro student

“I found Kate to be a wonderful teacher with great qualities for pulling the class together and we seemed to become 'one' towards the end of the session. She shared her wealth of knowledge with us. Kate brought physical props which were stimulating. We learned new techniques for meditating... at least new for me. And due to this I had some incredible results which are still with me. Also, we learned much about the natural ways of life and how to respect 'Mother Earth'. I would highly recommend the class to anyone looking for more spirituality in their lives.” Primrose W., intro student

"I had the pleasure of attending a class on intuition and an intro to shamanism, and thoroughly enjoyed both. It was a great opportunity to meet other like-minded explorers from all walks of life. Kudos to Kate for sharing a generous spirit and making it a fun and inspiring experience. I consider this an important chapter in my life of growth and gaining knowledge off the beaten path." Carolynne V., intro student