Intuitive Reading


Intuitive Reading

"It was deeply insightful, meaningful and the most effective life coaching session I have ever experienced. It provided clarity, as well as a blueprint or roadmap to follow in moving forward. I understand the gifts my maker gave me, and consciously understand and appreciate for the very first time, what I need to work on in my life, and how to go about making better, healthier life choices.

I found my intuitive reading experience with Kate to be educational, enlightening and remarkable. My experience was positive, constructive, and life changing." Katherine

“Great clarity! I was taken aback from the emotional depth that Kate reached. Her level of empathy struck a nerve. Although I was not completely sure of all she discussed, I had to take the time to reflect upon her words. There were some accuracy to her comments but it was not until this morning did I realize the depth of the reading. The reading raised more awareness of how I react to the world. It resonated deeply after some reflection. I am still going through the details.

I have already told a friend. I explained to her that Kate is able to explore some of the root issues in life and perhaps find a pathway to help resolve them for you. She uses empathy to understand the past and to create a pathway to the future.” 

"The information Kate provided was incredibly accurate, relevant, and even surprising. She revealed things to me unknown to my conscious mind and for that I am truly grateful. Kate literally felt what I was feeling both physically, and emotionally.  I felt validated, supported, and like I was part of something quite special and even magical. She respected my wishes (spoken and even unspoken) and went as far into the reading as I was comfortable. Kate is down to earth, approachable, and I felt comfortable and welcomed in her space. I continue to process the information I received through her and her guides, unpacking it in small amounts. I shared the reading with my partner and used it as an entry into conversations we had not yet had.  Kate was sensitive to my needs. I have already recommended a reading with Kate to several friends. I would describe it as a somewhat surreal, yet grounding experience." Stephanie A.

"The information I received from Kate was fabulous, mind-blowing stuff! The information definitely helped me in my overall life. I now have answers to questions that nagged at my inner being for a while now. And Kate revealed those almost-impossible-to-get-at answers – the kind of answers that only someone that is highly gifted and talented can discover – one of the many reasons why Kate Opashinov is so special and so incredibly talented.

I’ve been “searching” for answers to several questions for quite some time now, and only Kate was able to give me the “meat on the bone”, figuratively speaking. Finally – some real concrete information about what’s really going on with me! Finally, some information I can actually use to better my life!

The answers that Kate provided to my questions were unbelievably deep and insightful, because Kate is one in a zillion with her talents and skills as an intuitive master and someone who knows and can read energy (just to name one of her talents). That is one of the reasons I had such high expectations about Kate before I had an intuitive healing session with her – that she could actually bring some serious depth to my inquiries, and she sure delivered! I’m a new woman after my session with Kate, because of the information she provided. Definitely not your “same old, same old”!

The experience was fabulous. Kate did exactly what she said she would do – download information about my life and give it back to me. And, the information was exactly what I was looking for – deep, insightful, and very helpful to me in solving certain problems, as well as knowing what direction to steer my life in moving forward. Kate has a great sense of humour as well. Plus, she is sensitive, kind and compassionate. Kate is an amazing woman, intuitive and healer. Having a session with Kate was definitely one of the best things I’ve done for myself – a real treat, with real results.

I told my best friend about the reading, and she was blown off her chair. She was stunned at how well Kate knew me; knew my deepest, most innermost struggles and answers to those struggles. Both my friend and I knew Kate hit the nail on the head when it comes to analyzing my life – amazing for someone who doesn’t even know me. My friend was so impressed she is also going to have a reading with Kate. This is a reading of a lifetime, and if you have any questions on your life’s mission, it is a reading not to be missed." Jane, senior vice-president operations

“Immediately after my session with Kate, I felt profoundly transformed. I remember sitting on the streetcar on the way home, beaming silently to myself when a woman spoke to me, having mistook me for someone she knew. This was the first person I interacted with after the session. I smiled a full, broad smile and when I spoke I knew something was different. I felt more present, more alive then I had in a long time, perhaps even ever. A significant portion of my heartache, angst and anxiety was healed with Kate on that occasion. Since then, I keep looking for it, as if it should be there, but I find only a fraction of what had been there. Kate was not afraid of my pain. Since she wasn't, suddenly neither was I. I am grateful for her ability to be non-judgmental and maintain a light-hearted approach to healing. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to reach a new level of inner peace, strength and joy. Thank you Kate! I wish you much joy and success... “ Jake, environmentalist and artist

"My reading with Kate had a depth and an honesty that was as clear and clean as I could hope for. I felt seen in a way that is atypical for me and I can only think that is because she gets herself 'out of the way' in order to communicate what she is asked to. I continue to find nuances and meaning in the reading and wholeheartedly recommend an appointment with her." Tere, professional astrologist

"I found my intuitive reading experience with Kate to be educational, enlightening and remarkable. My experience was positive, constructive, and life changing. The information I gleaned from the session created an epiphany for me. This session facilitated learning, and understanding, and was delivered sensitively, with respect and dignity. The reading was far more pragmatic than I imagined - feedback on career and relationship struggles were "spot on". Kate answered questions directly. Responses reflected her ability to get right to the heart of the matter. In fact, most of my questions were answered before Kate turned the floor over to questions." Katherine

"What I learned from you was simply profound. My expectations were quite high, since I had had previous information from my friend's experience. Even so, I was amazed by the amount of knowledge you had on me and, mostly how you were able to tie it all together. As you put it, it was myself in a mirror. The experience was completely new, fresh, the opportunity of starting with a blank canvas. I was off-balanced, and taken aback by the breadth and scope of what you were giving me. Also, you adapted to the tone of my presence immediately, to what I am, which was superb to sense.

My questions came as an add-on. Most of them were already, explicitly or implicitly, answered. The experience was soothing. The whole time spent was coherent and resonated with me. That is precisely what I still lack at the moment – that sense of a whole, rather than bits and pieces. I also appreciated the place- its simplicity, its lack of formality, which helped to focus on the essential.

I would recommend your reading, but would make sure the friend understands the process and the concept of intuition behind it – which I struggled a bit with at first. And I would tell him: let go."

"The information was accurate - I was actually shocked at how accurate it was!  I learned more about someone I have been concerned about which was really helpful.  Kate was able to feel and express what I have not been able to which was the most helpful.  I felt like I was understood for the first time in my life.

To be honest I didn't know what to expect.  I felt so relieved after, like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. The reading went far beyond what I could have hoped for. It was the perfect amount of depth and insight.  Before the reading I felt lost, like I was desperately grasping at anything and everything.  Kate helped me find clarity and direction.

Walking into the space I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Kate was actually able to articulate and express what was going on with me more effectively than I could.  The reading was exactly what I needed to hear and how I needed to hear it.  The information was very relevant and significant in answering my questions – Kate answered my questions before I even asked them!  The reading was both helpful and healing. It has given me a new perspective and ability to focus on what matters to me and what I have been searching for. Since the reading I feel more relaxed, assured and able to get through the day.  I have a more peaceful mind and I am enjoying more happy moments in my life as a result. 

I would definitely recommend the reading to friends and to anyone!  Kate has an amazing gift.  It is a great way to get connected to your true self, to find relief and gain perspective.  It’s like a big hug from the inside out!" -Kerri G.

"I took in a lot of information some that I am sifting through and imagine will be doing for quite some time. Some areas were very clear, other areas require further time for me to explore and to make sense. It certainly kick started my personal journey. Comfortable digs, helping and healing environment with patience, caring and understanding. I felt light and content afterwards.

I have shared my experience with a few people right from walking in the door, making tea, having a chat with Kate on what to expect. With one person I shared more intimate details which was healing in itself. I encouraged them to get their curiosity game on and go for a reading. I felt a reading was a perfect place to start me off to my re-discovery, to open my mind again, to begin to heal, live a more fulfilled life with a connection to others and the earth." -Nancy L.

"I am impressed by the amount of data and Kate's ability to integrate and present what she maintains are random bits of information. It will take hours and hours for me to take in what she provided in an hour. Thank you Kate for using your powers for good." Karen, lawyer

"I knew from attending a couple of Kate’s classes that she is a person of great depth and understanding of life, the universe and the human condition.  Kate brought this level of insight to the answers she gave me and communicated them in a way that made it easy for me to understand. 

Kate is a warm, welcoming person and she brings a relaxed, calm, and also fun energy to her interactions.  I felt comfortable immediately and enjoyed the entire experience.  Kate shared information with me that provided some much needed clarity to my life, particularly in the area of work.  After the reading I felt energized, calm and happy. Kate can help shine a light on the areas in your life where you are having trouble seeing clearly." Nancy, marketing

"Kate's reading was spiritually and energetically rich. My session with her made me realize that in essence I had been walking around my own neighborhood for years, unable to remember where I lived. Kate not only showed me my home, but she gave me the keys to get inside. She showed me that my instincts are correct, and that I can trust them, even when at times they seem irrational. My beliefs were confirmed, and aspects to my life that were previously confusing were explained. Kate's reading has opened a door behind which lies the greatest journey of my life! I highly recommend Kate's readings to anyone, especially those who are ready for a change in their lives." Sarah, artisan, entrepreneur

"My session with you was very eye-opening.  I do not feel that I am operating on the same plane that I was on when we met a few months ago.  I have sought out and heard information from family members that has been very enlightening.  Mostly I have recognized the destructiveness of patterns in my life and I am gaining some sense of control.  Feels pretty good, I have to say." Liz, stay-at-home mom

"After my reading I felt grounded, and happy. With no background information on me, Kate addressed specific life issues that I was already working on. Overall, a very empowering experience. I would absolutely recommend a reading to a friend. Kate is intelligent, accurate, and funny." Mark, college professor and author

"The information I got was very accurate, helpful, and most importantly--  actionable. Kate made me feel very comfortable. I was a bit wary. Her sensitivity was very high. The healing provided by her “channeling” was significant. I would recommend the reading to someone who needs direction after a while of being “stuck”." Nieves, v.p. marketing

"The reading was one of the most memorable experiences that I have had to date. Kate, you were able to bring me insight and awareness to key situations in my life and so clearly and at a level that was sensitive to my needs. I left the reading feeling calm, yet full of excitement for what may be ahead for me. Although the reading was only a few days ago, I have already recommended a reading to five friends as well as told my brother and parents about how great the reading was. To be honest, I have a feeling I will be telling many more."

"I explained to them that you just blew me away and that you offer the reading in a way that is so healing and helpful. I mentioned to them that you are the real deal and that the reading is not like one of those “crystal ball/Jo Jo psychics” that they may be picturing. Rather, you, in my eyes, are similar to a therapist there to guide them by providing such accurate and in depth insight and healing. I told them that I believe they go into a session and come out with what it is that they need to know right now." Linda, publicist

"Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the other day, it was indescribably poignant and wonderful and lots of other descriptive invigorating words, a bit like a kick up the bum from the THANKS." Bruce, engineer


Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling

“In 2001, I had an emotional breakdown and was experiencing difficulties functioning in my personal and professional life, so I sought the assistance of two "mainstream" therapists. While these therapists had excellent intentions, they failed to help me resolve my problems. The traditional talk therapy methods they employed did not address the energetic roots of my emotional issues. As such, I began to search for alternatives to mainstream therapy.

Kate, through her alternative, energy-based practice helped me immensely. She taught me how to feel and connect with my emotions energetically in my body, and not just intellectually in my head. Learning how to feel my emotions and just be with them as opposed to intellectualizing them and trying to make them go away, enabled me to understand what was going wrong with my life.

I am very satisfied with the progress I have made in my mental, emotional, and spiritual well being; that is why I keep coming back for more. I employ Kate's techniques for my life on a daily basis, and feel grounded and comfortable with myself as a result. Her energy based therapy works. It is a breath of fresh air compared to traditional talk therapy." Loui, lawyer

"I went to Kate when I was immobilized by fear, self-doubt, despair, confusion, and frustration. I sought healing. Kate has become my most precious guide on this transformative path toward understanding and clarity and liberation. She is an ever-compassionate companion, an illuminated and passionate teacher and a gifted healer. I believe that anyone who has the privilege of working with Kate is truly blessed." -Eve, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker


Career Consulting

Career Consulting

"Kate is absolutely outstanding in her work, and it is worthwhile to work hard to metabolize the very high volume of material that she is sharing. She is intense, and I like to record our sessions to get the full benefit, as it is more than I can absorb at one time. She was able to point out more options for the future that flowed from the current situation, and strategies to get there. She also provided some tactical advice that I did not even identify that I needed, and the issue she foresaw did come up!

Kate is highly intuitive, so the conversation goes in helpful directions that she initiates based on listening to me. She checks in regularly to make sure that the new direction is useful, and that I am in agreement.  Kate helps me to move past my comfort zone, and only as far as I am ready to go (well, maybe a little further).  There are several times when her advice/predictions are 100% accurate.

It’s career counselling plus help with self-awareness plus advocacy plus cheerleading plus blind spot illumination." Laura M.- Senior Manager, Employee Relations"

“I was feeling stuck in the stage I am at in my career.  I knew Kate could help me get over the energetic hurdles that were holding me back. She covered both strategic and tactical with me. 

I left our session with a big picture view of what I am working towards as well as specific steps to take to help me get to the next stage. My session was thoughtful, engaging, and inspirational and included examples to provide clarity. I am now motivated to leap into my project and am confident with what needed to be done.” -Stephanie F., Human Resources Leader


Intuitive Business Consulting

Intuitive Business Consulting

"I had quite a bit of resistance to trying business counseling, thinking that my business issues couldn't be resolved by counseling, but rather that they were financial... or circumstantial... or any other number of external causes.  I knew I had fears that were getting triggered in the business arena, but I assumed they were just a result of my not being a 'business mind', and that I simply lacked the stomach for business.

That first session with Kate was certainly surprising, and caught me totally off guard!  I wasn't expecting to cry during a business counseling session, but she just seemed to be able to see right through to the heart of things, and some of those things were a bit painful to face.  With Kate's gentle guidance and subtle leading (and sense of humor!), I was able to finally see that my fears and difficulties in business had very little to do with a lack of experience, sales skills or know-how... and had much more to do with personal assumptions and judgments I and others had made, some that had roots as far back as childhood!

My sales have tripled, partly because of the store front, but then I don't think I'd have had the confidence to showcase my products so effectively had it not been for our sessions.  Also, new wholesale accounts have increased significantly, and I am receiving at least twice as many wholesale inquiries than before our sessions began.

Skills I thought would always be out of my reach are now coming more easily to me; my confidence has blossomed, my ability to deal effectively with clients and customers has grown, and that paralyzing fear has lost its grip on me.  The impenetrable mystery around success in the business realm has cleared, and I can finally see my place in all of it...Thanks Kate!" -Eden, entrepreneur

“Working with Kate has allowed me to achieve things I never thought  possible in my wildest dreams.  Though the process was extremely difficult work, she helped me to navigate it with skill and compassion and the results have been phenomenal.  At the same time, she helped me to heal my family, a priceless gift.  Kate combines the skills of a therapist with the talents of an intuitive, a powerful combination that is unbeatable for achieving the results you truly want.  If you do the work required, she will show you the avenues towards a truly greater life.” Mary, hedge fund manager