Want to know what your unique gift or superpower is?

Wish you knew what your purpose is?

What place you have in the world?

Or maybe you just are frustrated, tired, or bored with your current job? How about if you could transform that into something useful like guidance, training, or inspiration? Yes? Want to know how?

A career reading helps you to figure out who you are waaay deep down, what your unique gift is in this world, how you can harness it, what’s in the way, what you need to see differently, how you can navigate around what’s holding you back, grow latent talent, what specific paths are options for you. How specific? Like “No, not a change consultant, a corporate culture consultant”. Like, “ I can see your technical ability but there’s this huge artistic streak, specifically related to nature and spirituality and I see Ireland calling you” “Yeah, I’m a mixed media artist and have a trip planned to Ireland this fall”. Like, “Not this position now, another is opening in 2 months under your boss’ boss. She’s tall with a silver bobcut, precise woman, not very emotive but polite. Yeah, her. That’s a better position for you to hold out for and this is why and how this is going to play out...” Like, “I see two job interviews, one in the west end of your city and one on the west end of your country. The one in the west end of the city is more prestigious but your soul is excited by the option on the west side of your country. And this is why you should take this one…” THAT specific. It’s tailored to what you need deep down, what’s your soul’s path and yet still pays the rent, very specific, strategic and downright tactical.

No more woowoo, vague readings. No more career coaches who are all ra-ra encouragement but with no depth of insight into your deeper unique being. And certainly no career counsellors with their cookie cutter approach. What if what you are meant to be doesn’t have a job title yet? What if you’re the first of your kind? Kate’s killer combo of insight, soul, and strategy that delivers BIG results comes from her psychic ability + training & 19 years’ experience as a psychotherapist and intuitive + being a serial entrepreneur and background in corporate marketing. She won’t finish the session till she has given you the deep inner workings of your soul + the options and obstacles before you now + homework to make it happen + a prediction timeline of when what will happen. Take that to the bank!

All sessions are over the phone or video chat and you can book a time that works for you. Kate books up far in advance and if you’ve read this far, you need clarity now so grab your spot and don’t postpone your future and your relief any longer…